How many times have you scrolled down the memes and suggestions on Facebook and Instagram that feed you on an exercise plan and getting strong? Or how many of your friend’s complaint about the tiredness they suffer after moving themselves on the treadmill for only a couple of minutes? You cannot possibly believe into all of this unless you have experienced it for yourself.  Nobody is suggesting you join a gym or indulge yourself into the terrific high-intensity interval workouts. Run, that’s what’s going to lead you on the road to recovery and a better life.


Running can save your life in ways you would never have expected it to. Yes, it’s true that jogging along the street feels lonely and at times painful, but then what are you running for? You aren’t running for entertainment but you are running for self-exposure and self-composure, to revamp your relations with your inner self, your husband, your kids, your siblings, your parents and your friends.


By now you must be thinking why is running that vital after all? There’s no one advantage of it towards your life but countless. The legitimacy of running 3 miles a day for weight loss and a smart mind and slim body is renowned. But there’s more to it. When your mind is occupied in a wild mess, running clears and open your mind up; when you feel everything is breaking your heart down inside, running mends it; when your hopes begin to die and you fear your soul turning frantic, running lifts your spirits to an epitome.


Mental health is important! You may be doing all the physical activities all day long but do you pay attention to your mental health? You might be struggling with daily life stressors or halfway down the depressive lane. That’s when you need to take some time out and empathize with yourself. A mental illness or constant tension could ruin your relationships or perhaps dysfunction the regular activities. Of course, running won’t solve your problems for you but it will strengthen you to cope with the stress, anxiety, and depression and lead a normal life.


Life is next to nothing without the hint of self-care. Here’s what you are going to feel for the first time you run; hate mile long-running, curse the sun for being too hot, loathe the sweat trickling down on your body, and be unable to stomach heavy breathing. But this is temporary, solely for the first run on your first day. You have to keep yourself determined, as the time would pass you’d want to cover greater distance; you’ll feel pride in running milestones, you’ll feel the energy consuming your soul and body. It’d ingrain the tenacity in you to be able to stay strong, calm, confident and mindful.


If you pine for being a sensible worker, a responsible parent, a mature woman and a better person, running is the tool for you then. Take time out for yourself to transform, empower and luxuriate, you only live once!