Who doesn’t like flaunting their long hair in public or when they’re sitting in the passenger seat? There is absolutely nothing wrong with going out with open hair but being able to style your hair is a skill which comes in very handy when it comes to dressing up and looking your best no matter where you’re going.

Here are five trendy hairstyles that you can try out.

The Easy Chignon

You’re searching for that sophisticated look that you can wear to a formal dinner or a job interview. Something classy, yet professional: the Chignon has got that elegant touch and it is super easy to make. Start with brushing your hair and then tie it into a low ponytail. Next, part your hair just above the pony and twist it. Do this on either side. Then lift the remaining hair and wrap them. Use bobby pins to hold the chignon in place.444.jpg

The Long Illusional Crazy Mane Ponytail

This is for all the students who want to look presentable every morning but do not want to make too much of an effort. This playful ponytail is quick and easy. It works best with wavy hair and gives you that extra volume. All you need are two ponytail holders: one regular size and one small. To get started, make a high ponytail with the hair on the top of your crown and tie it with the regular sized ponytail holder. Then take the smaller ponytail holder and tie a low ponytail. You’re ready for university!

download (5).jpg

Double Knotted Ponytail

You want a hairdo that you can be done with the snap of your fingers. This is it. Split your hair into two sections and tie them in a low knot. Grab the two ends and tie another knot. Secure loose strands with bobby pins and you’re good to go!


French Braid Faux Hawk Ponytail

Braids are something which never goes out of fashion. Instead, they keep evolving and everyone has their own style. If you’re looking to make an impact this is the hairdo for you. With a protruding braid that attracts all the attention, this hybrid style is edgy and fun. Begin with grabbing all the hair on the top of your head, tease at the roots to create texture before you start making the braid. Then begin braiding and use bobby pins where needed. Once you’re done, tie the hair in a ponytail: your daring and confident look is ready. Rock it out!


The High Braided Crown

images.jpg This one requires time, effort and practice but the end result is simply beautiful. As the name suggests this one has got that royal touch. It is the perfect hairdo for a wedding! To start: brush your hair well and imagine where you want the crown to sit on your head. Begin braiding behind your right ear. Then split your hair into three sections and continue with a Dutch braid going around so it takes the shape of a crown. Finish with a regular braid and gently stretch it out. Pin the end of your braid and fasten any loose strands. Ta-da!

The cool thing about hairstyles is that you get to show off your creative side. Combine different hairstyles and set a new trend that is unique to you, keeping your friends and family second guessing whether you went to a stylist or did it yourself.