Work has been stressful lately. You’re not getting enough time for yourself: to just relax and unwind. It’s time to spend a Sunday at the spa spoiling yourself with a mani and pedi and what better way to end your day other than to indulge in the world of nail paint. If you have been searching for a more seasonally-appropriate bold hue, look no further than the Autumn 2017 Nail Collection which offers a wide range of colors from hues of blue that will take your breath away to warm earthy tones like the burnt orange that will make you feel hugged and love. Autumn is here and it’s time to treat yourself with the likes of Essie and Jin Soon. These five nail colors are going to be your heart’s desire.    

1. Idyll: Jin You Soon Browsing through the collection, there was only one color that stood out for me: Burnt Orange. I got literally stuck on it. It’s the definition of aesthetics. Soon has succeeded in capturing the essence of autumn and translating it into a color. It’ll gel perfectly with any of the darker or lighter earthy tones of autumn. Jin Soon Nail 2. Dressed To The Nineties: Essie Essie has really outdone itself this time. This shade of midnight blue is simply beautiful. It looks like someone has literally torn a piece of the galaxy and encased it in this little bottle. Switch it up with applying this nail color while wearing any shade of brown from hazel to chocolate and watch midnight blue come to life. essie-fall-2017-swatches-review-dressed-to-the-nineties.jpg   3. Ruby Red: Butter London Red is one of those colors fit for all seasons round the year. This shade is a must-have in your personal fall collection. It takes me back in time to the 1980s reminding me of the infamous song Lady in Red. It’s bold, daring and practically screaming out your name if you listen closely enough. Ruby Red Butter London   4. Metallic Rose Gold: Kendra Scott The soft metallic shade with a hint of shimmer is one of those tones that’ll go with any and every color. It’s the best choice when you want to apply nail paint but does not really want it to be too dominant. DSC_0006-e1483884896684-681x1024.jpg 5. Dark Green: Nails Inc. NailKale Nail Polish in Bruton Mews Green isn’t usually the color one associates with fall but this shade has something magical about it. As if it was made by witches themselves. Wear it under a brown sweater or a black leather jacket, either way, you’ll rock the look. Dark Green Nail Trend Grab a bottle of your favorite nail paint right now! SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave