The perfect representation of old-school femininity; polka dots are everything but basic. For all those who think it’s a trend of the past, think again. Come to think of it, this pattern never really went out of style.

The classic and chic style dominated the runways throughout 2017. Designers such as Balenciaga and Loewe were amongst the few who let polka dot dresses truly shine and proved to the world that they are here to stay. From the runways to your everyday street style, everywhere it’s raining polka dots.

But how is this any different from what has already been showcased in the past? Well, polka dots have a whole new look; a contemporary and modern outlook. This year was all about different sized dots. Go larger than life with oversized dots or more minimalistic with something more conservative.

The nostalgic aspect that polka dots bring with them has people hooked, especially with the comeback of 90’s fashion, 2017 has been all about nostalgia so this trend barely caught anyone by surprise. Additionally, polka dots are playful, timeless, and the definition of sophistication. Whether it is Dolce or Vuitton, they all love the dots.

These dresses received a standing ovation from designer mogul brands on this year’s fashion weeks. Let’s take a look on who did what.


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Couture gowns featured coin sized polka dots to pay tribute to the centennial of the French house. Paired with big oversized bows that relived the era of Hollywood, these dresses were a sight for sore eyes.


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Presented in a rather unconventional yet strikingly unique way, Loewe used polka dots in the form of print on ruffled skirts and pleats. Minimalistic chic ruled the runway as classic colors like black and white and everything in between unraveled their magic.


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A perfect ode to French history, culture, and romance, Jacquemus’ collection was a reminiscent dream about the classic story of a Parisian girl who fell head over heels in love with a gypsy in southern France; Jacquemus used big, fat dots to recreate the classic romantic look.

Maison Martin Margiela

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Bringing back the top to bottom polka dot look with a little bit of edge, Maison Martin Margiela played with bold colors, an array of dot sizes and embellishments to create the perfect hybrid ensemble.

Dries Van Noten

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The most unique of them all, Dries Van Noten not only brought back big, bold, oversized dots but they also brought an innovative new look with color divided polka dots paired with a variety of other prints such as florals and abstracts. Unique, fresh, and memorable, there was nothing else that compared.

It all comes down to personal preference with this fabric pattern in clothing and accessories. Some like it chic and subtle with small dots whereas others enjoy something more risqué and edgy like they did in the 80’s; the point is that there is something out there for everyone.