Fashion bloggers have a huge influence on the industry these days. You can find one in every corner and so many people look up to them for fashion advice, tips and outfit ideas.

Fall is here and that asks for some trendy outfit ideas that will ensure you are ready for any and every occasion. We have put together 8 of our favorite fashion blogger approved outfit ideas for fall 2017 – 2018. Each one is unique in its own way and we are simply in love with them all!

Outfit Idea # 1


We love this bold and chic outfit which shows that you are a confident woman. A light blue button down blouse tucked inside a classy cream colored skirt and a matching blazer to go with it. Since you’ll be wearing a skirt, add some tall lace-up boots to the outfit to make sure that your legs don’t get cold.

Outfit Idea # 2


This is a very basic and easy to put together a stylish fall outfit. A simple white tee paired with black skinny jeans, a denim jacket, and black ankle booties. You can’t possibly go wrong with this outfit, right?

Outfit Idea # 3


We love the combination of cute short dresses in knee-high boots for fall time. A dark mustard colored flowy dress with grey knee-high boots and a black leather jacket; what a perfect combo! It’s cute, it’s sexy and it has all those fall vibes going on.

Outfit Idea # 4


Suede miniskirts are totally a fall staple this year. These skirts were in last year as well and we are so glad that the trend is continuing this fall too. Pair a dark brown colored miniskirt with a grey off the shoulder sweater. Add some ankle booties to the mix and you are ready to hit the road! This is such a great outfit for a date night.

Outfit Idea # 5


Talking about miniskirts, how can we not mention a denim one? Style a cute distressed denim miniskirt with a red sweater and a pair of mules to finish off the look. Flat mules like these are really trending these days, so be sure to pick up a few pairs when you hit the mall next time.

Outfit Idea # 6


Throw in cute deep neck vintage style dress on top of a plain long sleeved t-shirt and you have a trendy and fall approved outfit ready. Everyone owns these two pieces, so this would be the perfect outfit to throw on when you are running late in the morning and can’t decide what to wear. Finish off the look with a pair of white ankle booties a cute white bag.

Outfit Idea # 7


Adding a sweater on top of a dress is a great way to spice things up. It not only gives you an excuse to wear the same dress two times a week, but you also get to stay extra warm. Some ankle booties for this look would work really well.

And there you have it, ladies, 7 fashion blogger outfit ideas. Which ones are your favorite?