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If I had to describe Halloween in one word, it would probably be skeletons and pumpkins. That’s three words but you get the gist. Right? Skeletons are without a doubt the essence of the holiday.

The Walking Dead

There can never be enough zombies prowling the streets during this time of the month. If you’re planning to go for this edgy zombie look, start with applying light foundation followed by black eyeliner on one eye and use it to outline the other one. Then with an eyeshadow brush color your other eye black. Use an angled eyeliner brush to paint the teeth with white eyeliner across half of your face outlining them and your jawline with black eyeliner to give the picture more depth. Apply any bold lip shades deep color lipstick over the other side of your lips. Tie your hair in a loose bun and you’re ready to eat some human brain for dinner!

Half Skeleton Face


Following in Pennywise’s footsteps If you’re one of those still suffering from the IT fever, you’re probably going to want to dress up as a clown. Use light foundation for your face. Next, make fake blood mixing together red eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and clear lip gloss. With the help of a brush apply the blood to the desired area. Wear contact lenses and you’re done. Time to make the children run yelling for their mommies!



Why So Serious? If you’ve decided to impersonate a classic villain: Joker’s the best choice. Start with applying the light foundation Then outline your eyes with a black eyeliner and drag a single line from the midsection below your eye along your cheek. Using a brush to apply the black eyeshadow to color inside the outline and finish with red lipstick extending it to the sides of your face. If you’re into detail, you could .give more texture to the sides so it resembles a cut. For the hair, use washable green dye or perhaps use a wig if you’re in the mood.



Little Princess Time to put on your ballet shoes and steal the spotlight! If you’re looking to wear a sophisticated yet intense look this Halloween night following halloween fashion tips here. You could try this look which is giving off Black Swan vibes. easy-halloween-makeup-ideas.jpg Apply a light foundation all over your face with a brush. Layer up with a contour that is closer to your skin tone, highlighting your cheekbones and shoulder blades. Then , with using a brush add shimmer to the face , neck, and shoulders to give a nice glow but be careful not to overdo it. Next apply white eyeshadow all over your eye , slightly below and a little above the eyebrow. Use black eyeshadow over your eyebrows followed by black eyeliner on , over and below the eye. Lastly, apply a rosy pink nude lipstick to finish up


Wednesday Adams Black dress. Poker face. A dark sense of humor. I’m sure we’re both thinking of the same person: the one and only rebel of her family who isn’t afraid to voice her opinion- Wednesday Adams. All you need to do is apply black eyeliner, black lipstick and white foundation. Start with the foundation spreading an even layer on your face followed by the eyeliner. End with the black lipstick. Tie your hair in two braids and wear any knee-length vintage style black dress. Fix a white collared shirt under the dress if possible. For added effect, you could hold some dead flowers!Hope these ideas were able to get your creative juices flowing and you now have some idea of how you’re going to go about the makeup for whichever character you decide to be. this month.38cc00dde4501558a28a1cd1eed72708.jpg