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Thanksgiving is all about family coming together to feast and be grateful for your blessings. The festive season is not complete without a stylish ensemble to make you look and feel spectacular. Excited to dress up for the holiday? Following are our top 10 outfit picks that make sure you look absolutely fabulous.

Classic Dress Chic

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Perhaps the best time to bust out your favorite dress is the holiday season. If you are a gal who loves all things classic yet effortlessly simple, the easiest route is to opt for a nice dress. Go as casual or as formal as your heart desires and pair them with your favorite clothing accessories to complete the look. The best part about a dress is that you can pair it with just about any kind of shoes. Be it heels, strappy sandals, knee length or ankle cut boots, you name it and rest assured, your dress will look fabulous either way. Comfortable, easy, and flattering; say yes to the dress.

Skirt and Sweater Elegance

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Since Thanksgiving is all about family, why not keep it casual and comfortable. A skirt is perfect for Thanksgiving fashion because you know you are going to be stuffing your mouth with delectable food until your waist feels at least one size bigger. Skirts are free flowing, comfortable, yet effortlessly elegant. Pair them with your favorite blouse or sweater, considering the temperatures will be dropping quite low around the time. Opt for a knee length number or a full length maxi cut, a skirt is flatters just about every size.

Mod Vibes

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Not feeling like wearing a dress, skirt, or pants? Get a jumpsuit! Better yet, you can also try your luck with a nice fitting suit or a blazer. These will not only make a statement but they will also make sure that you stay at ease. Jumpsuits with drawstring waistlines are particularly helpful because if at any point you feel like you have stuffed yourself a little too much, you can always loosen it to make it more relaxing.

Denim Casual

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If you are one who prioritizes comfort and ease over everything else, a casual top paired with denim is the simplest and most low maintenance route to take. Switch things up with your top. You can go for a ruffled top or something with slight detailing to add a hint of that festive feel to your look or keep it simple and simply amp it up with accessories. Denim is so versatile that you can pair it with anything. Throw on a cardigan, leather jacket or blazer with a pair of trending footwear and you are good to go.

Trendy Athleisure

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For those who love sweats are a sucker for the contemporary athleisure wear trend that has been blasting on the internet then cool sweats are the way to go for you. Trendy, effortless, and super comfortable, athleisure wear is “IT” trend of the season.