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As a woman, there are times when you have to put everyone else above you. But what’s the point when you are in reality only putting your happiness, health, and repose behind? If you care about yourself and your lifestyle, you’ll find the following life-changing practices as life-savers:

1. Full Check Up


Being a woman, your precious time may or may not be spent in self-care. It may seem to you that you’re fine and all good but clearly, there are certain health issues that don’t really come up with noticeable symptoms yet they need to be attended. A full check-up after every sixth month or yearly basis can save your life from an eye, skin, hair, heart or gyne problem.

2. Stay in motion


Don’t just sit at home or you’ll turn lazier. Keep yourself moving to stay physically strong and mentally fresh. Never forget the the benefits of sleeping well and take advantage of the advancement in technology and find where to buy comfortable mattresses  that work in harmony with your body. Take morning walks in the garden, a walk out with your dog or a visit to nearby nursery would be a refreshing outdoor activity.

3. Maintain your figure


The mental relief that you relish from a workout is unmatchable. With that, you get to work on your weight too. Tell yourself you have to “maintain your figure” and not that you have to lose your weight and become slim. Beauty lies in how you carry yourself and not in the body shape!

4. Rediscover yourself in nature


Have you heard about the forest bathing practiced in Japan? It’s all about being around the green trees. Take your husband or friends along with you. Going alone for a nature walk ingrains vitality and betterment too.

5. Have your family meditate with you


Meditation means family separation time? Not at all! It’s only about exhaling the negatives and inhaling the positives. If you are really concerned about your self and a healthy lifestyle then meditation is one thing you don’t want to miss out. Get yourself an inexpensive yoga mat, some comfortable women’s activewear Download a self management app and pursue your kids or your siblings to join you in.

6. Minimize the usage of social media apps


This tip has the power to turn your lifestyle at a 360-degree angle. The fact is that facebook, twitter, and Instagram are literally no less than addictions, which is cutting down the face-to-face heart to heart with the family and friends. You’ll be thrilled to spend more time with your closed ones; watching tv and conversing together unlike lying on a couch with the face buried in the phone.

7. Add some extravagance in your home and workplace


Constantly working like a bee leaves you stung with anxiety, boredom, and stress. Welcome, change in your life by making little changes to where you are found the most. Put up plants and scented candles at your work desk, take part in stocking food items into your kitchen and fridge, change your room setting, set up fresh flowers on a weekly basis in your bedroom and lounge and get the fireplace ready in winters!

8. Prioritize wisely


Having fun is equally important as being a responsible and productive human. Schedule your time in such a way that you not only work at home and office but also catch the adequate amount of sleep, keep up with your friends, enjoy a beach or park picnic with family, party on weekends without a timetable and spend time in solitude.


In spite of feeling guilty about your weaknesses , shortcomings, and blunders, make a vow to give way to a fresh start in your life. Exhaustion and agony is a part of life but does not let it consume you. A little self-care and self-love will take you by hand to the epitome of a healthy lifestyle and a healthier you.