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A new year usually means a new you for most people. And if you happen to be part of the bunch whose been trying to keep up with fitness goals and pledged to get active, we’ve got some great news for you.

It’s that point in time where women’s activewear is all geared up to rise and shine. And that’s exactly why we’ve gotten up and done the research for you regarding what’s trending in the active wear market and any surprises that you can look forward to.

  • Is activewear for women still in the growth phase?

    Onzie Chic Bra - Black
    Onzie Chic Bra – Black

Women’s active wear lines have been a buzz for a while now and that’s exactly why it’s being deemed important to understand the mechanism behind it. Is women’s athleisure wear still continuing to grow or has the fitness trend marked its territory as supreme when it comes to fitness fashion done right?

Thanks to the ever changing demands and alterations in lifestyle of the population, the trend of women’s exercise clothing  is way beyond the growth phase. With an established niche in global consumer markets of the world, this trend has marched way past the growth phase into an era where activewear is bubbling with profits.

The world of active lifestyle is here to stay and doesn’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon. So what’s next is a question asked by many. Well, it’s simple; retailers have begun to alter their assortments of offerings for women’s activewear clothing.

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  • Who’s leading in the active wear market?

Now this may be termed as shocking for many. While there continues to be a constant reign of those established key market retail brands such as Nike, H&M, Adidas and Forever 21, newbies like plus size activewear brands are being welcomed with open arms and we can totally understand as to why.

They’re constant strive to provide consumers with good quality, innovative design and competitive pricing strategies is just what everybody wants, hence the soar in sales.

fitness Exercising equipment for women

Workout Exercising Equipment for Women

  • How has pricing affected the brands specializing in women’s activewear?

To help give you a better understanding as to why and how pricing has impacted the sales of those who specialize in women’s workout clothing, it’s important to look at three absolute essentials: the sports bra and other activewear tops, leggings and footwear.

When it comes to the traditional retailers, price points have maintained a steady aspect while those at the nontraditional end of the spectrum experienced erratic trends. This is because the new entrants are still trying to figure out and understand their relationship with customers involved, as well as those part of the manufacturing and supplier industry.

  • Are the printed leggings trend still going strong?

    Stealing Home Legging
    Stealing Home Legging

All hail the printed leggings. The trend managed to captivate many in an instant when women’s athleisure wear lines were first launched, but sadly, this phenomenon has faded away. Today these glories have become replaced with plain monochrome leggings or a more retro appearing block print style.

  • What products are being termed as the top movers in the women’s workout wear market?

With new seasons come new uprisings. Today, top movers in the women’s workout wear industry involves leggings that come in matching sets to the sports bra involved. These are usually in a single tone, mostly along the lines of neutral shades.

Sports bras are being termed as a versatile element for women’s workout tops, coming in unique styles and shapes, mesh paneling as well as detailed straps.

And that’s not all. Cropped hoodies when paired against leggings are a fashion steal for many and the same holds true for light material layered tops for post workout sessions.

  • How has street wear influenced the activewear for women product lineup?

Street wear is trending and this form of fashion has taken its toll on women’s activewear product lineups too. Everyone wishes they were excelling as a street wear brand because the demand is just way too high. The women’s activewear market has always been on the lookout for trends that are causing a stir, turning them into the hottest happening around town. And that’s why you won’t be surprised to find street style inspired looks for women when they’re working out. Things like loose silhouettes on your pre as well as post gym attire layers and color palettes that align themselves as extraordinary.

Women’s workout attire pieces to keep a lookout for this 2018

Adidas Alpha Skin Compression Shorts

This black beauty can be worn as your workout shorts or as a layer of clothing beneath your shorts. Whatever you choose, these durable active wear for women are stretchy and possess Alpha skin technology that hugs your body seamlessly, giving you support during activity. The UV technology embedded in the shorts gives adequate sun protection too.


Women's Adidas Alphaskin Sport Shorts
Women’s Adidas Alphaskin Sport Shorts

Aura Shorts

For glistening summer heat days, Aura Shorts are your companion to workout success. The anti microbial and stretchable fabric gives you a breezy and comfort filled feel. Did we mention the sexy aura these shorts manage to give to the wearer?

Aura Short
Aura Short

ASICS Everysport Cosmo Pink Shorts

From training and soccer to aerobics and runs, this funky Cosmo pink hued short is flirty, fun and perfect for those who wish to stay ahead of the crowd. The stretchy fabric gives you enough movement to fun comfortably while the anti odor technology keeps you feeling fresh all day long.

Womens ASICS 4" Everysport Shorts - Cosmo Pink
Womens ASICS 4″ Everysport Shorts – Cosmo Pink

Koral Combination Sports Bra

Suitable for both workout sessions or on the go errands, this sexy overlay look comprises of a sports bra with a transparent cropped top. Pair it up with single toned leggings and it’s a sporty fashion look worth drooling upon.

Women's Koral Combination Sports Bra
Women’s Koral Combination Sports Bra

Sport Zip Hoodie

The oversized hoodie look is street style and athleisure wear done right. Great for outdoor workout sessions, casual hangouts or post gym periods, these type of activewear for women will make you look look stylish and happening in minutes.

Women's New Balance 247 Sport Zip Hoodie
Women’s New Balance 247 Sport Zip Hoodie

Sports Bra

Why appear ordinary when you can nail the extraordinary workout appeal? This hot sports bra look is accentuated with an open back detailing and shadow mesh stripe. Breathable and comfort filled, this black sports bra is great for light exercise sessions.

Sports Bra
Sports Bra

Equipment Tracksuit Top

Channel the inner sportswomen spirit within you with this adorable equipment tracksuit trend. Comprising of pure polyester, this baby pink and white classic is sure to get you achieving your fitness goals instantly.

Equipment Tracksuit Top by adidas - White
Equipment Tracksuit Top by adidas – White

Blue Fish Sport- Regal Tank

Complete with micro channel material and a seamless designer print, this Blue Fish Sport Tank has a built in bra and can be paired to perfection using sexy black leggings for exercise sessions or pants too for a more fashion savvy appeal.

BlueFish Sport - Regal Tank
BlueFish Sport – Regal Tank

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