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Rumors continue on the new Batman following the official announcement that Ben Affleck will not play the iconic superhero in Matt Reeves’ as anticipated. In short, who will take his place? The bookmakers seem to have clear ideas, but according to the artist Bosslogic – who has many contacts with the Hollywood insiders because of the notoriety of his work -, the favorite for the part of the Batman could be an absolutely unsuspecting name, or Robert Pattinson, the former Edward Cullen of Twilight!
Robert Pattinson

He tweeted: “A choice that I could never have foreseen, but I’m hearing a lot of talk about Robert Pattinson. If the rumors are correct then all our predictions were wrong “. A rumor, this, further enhanced by Mario Robles of Revenge of the Fans, according to which Pattinson would really be on the list that Warner is considering. With him, other famous actors who may currently be in the running, including Jack O’Connell, Kit Harrington, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Richard Madden and Armie Hammer. Ansel Elgort, Dylan O’Brien, Logan Lerman and Noah Centineo, however, would have already been excluded.

In short, what do you think about it? Reeves, remember, is looking for a younger Batman than Affleck, and the ideal age would be around 20/30 years. The film will be released in cinemas on June 21, 2021, so we just have to wait for any updates from the casting!