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Christmas-2017 is just a month away and the air is already springing with the festive feel. As the blissful day approaches with New Year festivity just around the corner, it calls for an unending cascade of grand celebrations, parties, and dinners.

So, from sensuous silks and sparkling sequins to the opulence of velvet dresses, we have sorted everything right here for you. Have a look at all the sensuous options and don’t forget to tell us which cocktail dress is your “must-have” for Christmas-2017.

Full-on Sequin Dresses:

This long sequin skirt is beautiful!

Sequins are the absolute way to “sparkle” in the night, evening and even at noon under the sun. This year has seen onesies covered entirely with sequin women’s clothing, but you can also opt for a demure look. Use sequin panels at fringes or go for sequined pants, sleeves or skirts with plain tops or bottoms.

Sequined Patterns:

Sequined patterns on satin and velvet dresses are a big “trend” nowadays as they unfold the right amount of glamour to your dress without making you feel OTT.

Metallic Dresses:

Sheer metallic blazers, mid-length gowns, and figure-hugging cocktail attires in black to blue hues are the perfect option for a sizzling Christmas evening.

Laced Up Cocktail Dresses:

If you don’t like embellished or shimmering dresses yet want something equally enchanting, lace dresses have got you covered. Accessorize the cocktail dresses with luxuriant jewelry and red lips to add a seductive hint.

Skinned Prints:

To be a little wild and in action, opt for a leopard print silk-blend satin maxi dress. Or,you can go full sexy and savage in zebra skins or one-shoulder jacquard dress.

Flared Dresses:

You should retreat to flared, ruffled or frilled satin and silk blend cocktails for floral fashion essence and delicacy especially in the early evenings or late mornings. You can choose from spaghetti straps to one-shoulder or strapless; choose the one way you like to look gorgeous for the evening.

Velvet Dresses:

Luscious figure-hugging velvet cocktails and long gowns in tones of emerald green, deep red, royal blues and deadly black are worth every dime for the opulence they bring. From velvet suits and sequined velvets to flares, everything is at your disposal.

If Skirts’ Are a Thing for You!

If you have a somewhat neutral top, you can SPICE it up with a bright colored skirt for the party.

Bolder Black

Black is always the ultimate choice, and you don’t want it to feel boring. Glam the black up with essential frills/flares to a silk cocktail dress, beaded embellishments to satin gowns, or go all sexy with golden motifs on black.

Feather Embellishment

There is nothing such as winter wardrobe “without” furs. In fact, for Christmas, you can flawlessly show off your beautiful arms at a Christmas party in an off-shoulder cocktail dress with trimmed feathers.

Get together with relatives and loved ones, grand formal dinners with co-workers, and all-night parties with your gang can’t go wrong when you are heavenly brushed in the right attire for the occasion. With such a variety at your hand, we promise you a jaw-dropping entrance with any attire you choose for yourself.






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