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Winter gives you the opportunity to wear your extravagant heavy silk robes and precious velvet gowns and feel like royalty. On the other hand, it’s arduous as well because you’ve to keep up with the latest fashion but choose a comfortable dress that provides adequate protection against the freezing cold. We’ve gathered some of the stylish ideas for outfits that you can wear to a winter wedding in 2017/2018.

Drape Cocktail Midi

One latest and the most stylish look for any wedding party is the extravagant Drape Cocktail Midi Outfit. It provides ease of utility and comprehensively meets your requirement of warmth and in-fashion style. Colour options are various,and the best fabric for this style is thick silk.

Satin Wrap

The Satin Wrap is never out of fashion. Since it been there forever, it has marked all formal occasions from glamorous Hollywood red carpets to some of the most high-profile marriages in the royal culture. Satin Wrap has a unique combination of glamour and elegance,and therefore, it’s one of the safest choices to be in-style at any wedding party.

Strapless Panelled Tulle

Tulle looks playful and chic. Strapless tulle with a neatly tailored waist panel added into the overall refinement of the outfit is the ultimate winter wedding outfit for any girl who loves fashion. Blue tulle looks imperial in our opinion; however, the colors to choose from are abundant.

Comet Dress

What can be more spectacular and dazzling than a comet especially for a night wedding? In winter you require warmth, but at the same time,you need to look stylish as well. The latest winter comet dresses are made up of thick white silk with layers of net. Dazzling pearls or bright needlework adorns the dress to give it an ultimate reflection of sophistication and glamour.


You must be wondering what’s new and hot now! Well, Sequins are! We understand that many women are not comfortable with wearing a sequined dress to a wedding party. But, the trend has it and to be honest, they look outrageously dazzling with a thoughtful selection of jewelry and a perfect color selection. Be playful with the color and length of the dress. Both short and long sequins are stylish variations, and you can choose them according to your comfort.

Ruffle Maxi

An ordinary silk maxi immediately transforms into a party outfit with ruffles. Try vertical ruffles from the lower waist panel, and you are sure to get the desired look. Choose your favorite color and complement them with some delicate ornaments.


Sounds rather unorthodox, but jumpsuits are making their mark as a strong choice of outfit to wear to a Winter wedding this year. They cover most parts of your body, so they protect you from the cold weather and with so many variations, they provide you with the eventual modish personality.

Long Sleeve Velvet Midi

Velvets are as essential to winter as Christmas. No winter wardrobe is complete without this finest fabric. For winter wedding parties, velvets have always provided women with most satisfying and adored ideas. Long sleeve velvet midi dress is in style for 2017/2018 wedding parties. Choose high heels and let you long tresses flow to pull off an extravagant look.

With so many splendid outfit ideas, we know it’s hard to decide what to choose and what to leave. Remember, the best outfit is the one that makes you feel comfortable in your skin!