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To many people’s surprise, yoga is a practice that continues to evolve as we speak. Yes, the basics of the workout do stay just the way they are, deeming this old-fashioned form of exercise a style that will continue to rage for generations to come. But, innovations continue to arise.Yoga outlet
There are a series of trends that pop up left and right, and that’s what makes yoga such a wonderful influence for many people out there today. One of the greatest features about ancient exercising discipline is related to the fact that it doesn’t require any elaborate equipment at all. What you need is your undue concentration and your yoga mat of course and voila, that’s it.

Yoga mats are truly a work of art. They’re inexpensive, easy to carry, comfortable to work on and such a blessing indeed. This often neglected product comes in a variety of designs, types, and styles. And understanding its importance can truly affect the way you perform and how you give the best at your practice.

Do it at home like the expert – wall yoga exercises

In the past days we covered activewear for women , and in more details leggings and workout tops for women. Today, we’re going into the details about how you can limit your search towards finding the best yoga mats available as well as how the mat can be used to perform a number of different yoga routines. And that’s not all. We’re also going to be leaving you with some fabulous best yoga mat options that have been seamlessly combined into a wish list worth every bit of your investment. Let’s take a look.

  • Give your tailbone a break during workouts with an all purpose yoga mat

In another article we have brought some attention on the benefits of sleeping well and where to buy mattresses online that will work best for you. Why endure the pain when you’ve got a plethora of other options to choose from. The new all-purpose yoga mats are saying goodbye to those long and uncomfortable sessions and replacing them with comfortable and appealing episodes.

The game-changing exercising mat has been created in a manner that makes it very firm while being soft at the same time too. And yes that means conducting 15 minute straight abs workout sessions without having to worry about changing your position.

  • Change your yoga experience with an extra thick foam yoga mat

Purify Drinking Water with the Yoga Crystal Bottle

Having the right attitude to perform this type of ancient exercise is so important and extra thick options with foam are just what we’re referring to. These mats are not only more comfortable, they’re extra long too. And that means no worries relating to slipping off the mat in the first place.

  • Printed yoga mats are a treat to witness

What’s appealing to the mind has to be appealing on the eyes and that’s why printed yoga mats are such a treat to witness. Choose your pick from a plethora of inexpensive colors and digital prints, not to mention that added dose of cushioning too. Also, the surface is textured so no more slipping games going on over here.

  • Get a grounded standing with PROlite designes

Performing yoga on a mat that’s constantly moving is such an annoyance if you ask us. So why not replace it all with a PROlite designed mat that gives you a steady and grounded standing for countless hours. Yes, these are pricier options but when the investment is worth every single penny, there’s no complaining from anyone’s side.

fitness Exercising equipment for women

Workout Exercising Equipment for Women

  • Say goodbye to awfully smelling exercise sessions with premium designed unique styles

Smelly mats can really be an off turning point for many individuals. And that’s exactly why premium designed mats are now being made scent free, bidding farewell to strong smelling mats once and for all. Breathing properly again during the exercises is now possible with this glory.

Hottest yoga practices to perform on some of the best yoga mats that we can recommend

Acrobatic Yoga

With this new innovation, yoga is performed with two partners and masters the art of lift and twirling seamlessly.

Yoga Retreatslearn yoga teaching online

How about going on vacation with a purpose? Yes, yoga retreats allow you to perform the art in a gorgeous setting, alongside other yogis.

Soul Flow Yoga

Master the concepts of yoga, Thai Chi as well as dance during your soul flow yoga sessions.

Travel Yoga

Yoga on the go means making use of smartphone apps that allow you to perform your routine, no matter where you’re located in the world.Click Here

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Best yoga mats wish list for 2018

Manduka Pro Lite 

Durable, inexpensive and super comfortable, allow your yoga sessions to go on seamlessly as you relax and unwind on your navy mat.

Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat
Manduka Pro Lite  Mat

 Grey Mix Mat

Great for yoga retreats and yoga travel sessions, this subtle grey colored mix is a sheer delight for those who indulge and take pride in their paractice. And with this on the go set, your yoga mat will be at an easy reach at all times.

Yoga Mat grey mix
Yoga Mat grey mix

Yoga Zeal Ocean Print 

Get lost in the ocean sensation with this calm and collective yoga mat printed design. The coolness exuded by the blue is rare to be seen elsewhere. The swirling print and pattern outlook comes cushioned comfortably for adequate joint protection. The mat can be used on a number of versatile floor surfaces and contains absorbent technology that prevents moisture from interfering.

Yoga Zeal Ocean Print Yoga Mat
Zeal Ocean Print Yoga Mat

Sunrise Print 

A colorful graphic printed yoga mat like this one is easy on the eyes and peaceful for the mind and soul too. The unparallel smooth surface gives your tail bone the relaxation you need. And that’s not all; the smooth suede finish gives stability and adherence for long exercise practice and Pilates sessions.

Yoga Zeal Moon Sunrise Print Yoga Mat
Zeal Moon Sunrise Print 

Yoga Zeal Banana Leaf Print 

Add a twist of the tropics to your yoga workout sessions with this playful innovation on a conventional yoga mat design. The non slip technology is strong for adherence and absorbs moisture seamlessly. The added cushion technology provides support and care for you so that your exercise is a pleasant experience.

Yoga Zeal Banana Leaf Print Yoga Mat
Yoga Zeal Banana Leaf Print Yoga Mat

Chiffon Mandala Round Cotton Shawl Wrap

This beach throw gives your classic yoga and Pilate’s sessions a run for uniqueness. The durable yet light weight fabric is super comfortable while the gypsy inspired design is a treat for the eyes in every aspect. You’ll surely be smiling after performing yoga on this mat.

Chiffon Mandala Yoga Mat Gypsy Cotton Tablecloth Round Beach Throw Shawl Wrap Scarf
Chiffon Mandala Mat Gypsy Cotton Tablecloth Round Beach Throw Shawl Wrap Scarf

Nike Essential Yoga Mat and Block

This set is great for those that share great passion in this form of workout. The textured anti slip mat is super convenient for active sessions while the soft foam yoga block is perfect for those who wish to experiment with difficult stretches and poses.

Nike Essential Yoga Mat & Block
Nike Essential Yoga block & mat