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Well, everyone realizes the significance of Iowa in terms of community lifestyle and entertainment (of course, it is not equivalent to Los Vegas, but it has its position). However, this significance reaches an incredible height when we talk about Des Moines. Even if you have some doubts about it, Shawn Johnson is the perfect example to testify my claim.

She has explicitly conveyed that her hometown nests the best supportive community for boosting talent and nurturing it at levels while providing a wealth of entertainment for everyone. She further says that such bonding is not easy to find anywhere else in the United States, and I think she is pretty right about it.

Shawn holds the honor of winning the final gold medal in gymnastics at a very young age, and that is exactly what DC tries to dispense throughout the 50 states (i.e., provide opportunities to everyone, equally). So yes, it is indeed the ambassador of America, to America.

Entertainment in Des Moines

Shawn does not love Des Moines merely because it provides opportunities, but the stylish and entertaining culture is also to be credited, which is loved by every girl.

For instance, there are a number of cultural events organized in the city, which are very well renowned throughout the nation. These include Metro Arts Jazz, Des Moines Arts Festival and Iowa State Fair, conducted in thetime bracket of June to August. The Downtime Farmers’ Market is yet another fascinating feature of the town, attracting a wide variety of customers. It is worth mentioning that this market is ranked as second best in the country.

Let us talk about sheer leisure and the most informal aspects of Des Moines now. This life-provoking city caters to some mega events like 80/35 Music Festival, 515 Alive Music Festival, Festa Italiana, Festival of Trees and Lights, WineFest and Oktoberfest.

80/35 Music Festival

It is a multi-day music festival, and a lot of people seem to wonder as to why 80/35 is incorporated in the name. Well, it is because of the two popular interstates, I-80 and I-35 intersect here. It’s being organized since 2008, but what’s new about the event (as compared to others) is the format. There is an array of stages across the venue, with the main stage dedicated to nationally appraised bands. However, for regional and ‘budding’ bands, there are a number of small stages. This is a perfect ‘hub’ for entertainment that does not only cater to the needs of music lovers. Whether you are a taste-exploring foodie girl, or you are interested in interactive art, the place is all yours!

Apricot Lane Boutique

Well, this is one of the most celebrated fashion boutique retail franchises across the country, and about two years ago, they opened their store in Valley West Mall. It is a great opportunity for every girl to collect a variety of products based on latest fashion trends.

Most of the clothes, accessories, and shoes are available between $20 and $60