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Come on, we are in the 21st century, and society should not dictate out clothing trends based on a specific ethnicity. Just be bold, confident and beautiful!

Ayush Kejriwal is a fashion designer, and he reveals that the most buzzing question nowadays is when people ask him whether he has something for them or not since their complexion is dark. He says that it is quite unsettling or rather intriguing that for some people in South Asian cultures, fairer skin is attributed with beauty. This is indeed a profound stereotype that has engulfed the entire society living in that part of the World.

It is worth noticing that Ayush receives such queries through his online store when ladies are willing to buy frocks and other stuff. Therefore, it is easy for everyone to understand that they think alike even at a physical store, but hesitation does not allow them to choose. This has to end. I mean it is quite absurd that some Asian women think that they cannot even wear a color of their desire just because of their dark complexion. Ayush says that the way you look should not dictate the lifestyle, especially when it comes to making such choices.

Ayush goes further to explain how he is combating this stereotype and increasing the influx of potential customers. Please note that he plans to dress up models of all skin complexions.

What’s trending is that the fashion designer took another step on Instagram and captured eyeballs of a lot of customers. He said that since nature does not shy blossoming flowers of all colors on the dark brown soil, who are we to differentiate and discriminate? I think that this is by far the most comprehensive comparison to let this stereotype die a natural death. The Bollywood industry is quite huge, but even they dish out the same concept for ladies.

Well, this unpleasant obsession with lighter skin is quite old in South Asian cultures, and there are tons of products in the market, with an explicit tagline claiming to bring fairness to the skin. How could the stereotype be eradicated when some of the major cosmetic brands are nurturing it for their business? Some of the most influential Bollywood celebrities stand in the frontline of promoting such products. It is worth noticing that all of the models in these advertisements are fair colored.

Ayushi frequently features Subarna in his shoots, who is a 22-year-old girl, living the UK. Subarna says that she has not faced any bullying explicitly and directly. However, people did make some derogatory comments in the past like ‘you look beautiful, even though your skin color is dark.’

It is a part of the South Asian culture to ridicule darker color and taunt the color bearer. Let it be a party or a grandmother analyzing a girl for her grandson’s marriage.