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Fall is finally here and that calls for some fashion essentials. Every season has its own list of must-haves and that includes fall. This is the season for knee-high boots, cozy sweaters and much more. Let’s have a look at what more this list of must-have contains:


Flannel or plaid shirts are an essential for fall time. There is just something about them that scream fall! Style these shirts with a pair of denim jeans and some knee-high boots for the ultimate fall look. Another great way to wear flannels is by putting them around your waist.


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Over The Knee Boots

Your fall wardrobe is quite literally incomplete without at least one pair of over the knee boots. Don’t be shy about grabbing more than just one pair because these boots go with just about everything. A great way to wear knee-high boots during fall time is with skirts and dresses because they keep your legs warm even when you are wearing a skirt or dress.


C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\best-top-uk-fashion-blogger.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\832969d2bfa8f41a70aac1cae95723ca--over-knee-boots-high-boots.jpg

Knit Sweaters

No need to go for super thick sweaters because it’s not that cold in fall. However, do invest in a few knit sweaters that are extra soft and cozy for whenever it gets a bit chilly.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\5c025c218ffd3028a6c89af1ae2f1344--apartment-ideas-seat-belts.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\Le-Fashion-Blog-Fall-Winter-Model-Street-Style-Black-Pork-Pie-Hat-Chunky-Knit-Red-Sweater-High-Waisted-Crop-Pants-Ankle-Boots-Olivia-Thornton-Parisian-Inspired-Via-Street-Peeper.jpg


How can we not talk about scarves during fall? They are not only a great accessory, but also a fun way to add something new to your look. You can easily change up a look by throwing on a printed or bright colored scarf along with other clothing accessories.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\2a8089d415880693e81bc8d58e4a7c3d--fashion-blogger-style-fashion-bloggers.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\25de7213c5cfd4ff18ff769e53278db8.jpg

Sweater Dresses

There is no better time to wear sweater dresses than fall. They are cute, comfortable, cozy and totally trending. So, what’s not to like?

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\DSC_0057_kleiner.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\384f060b6f957225935c6d919f20c73a--thigh-highs-knee-highs.jpg

Leather Jacket

This fall, make sure you own at least 1 leather jacket. During the latest runway shows, a lot of women were seen wearing leather jackets, so you better grab one as well.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\black-leather-biker-jacket-street-style-nyc-nolita-fashion-blogger-4.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\all-saints-papin-leather-jacket-with-grey-jumper.jpg

Dark Denim

You got to have a lot of denim in your wardrobe during fall time. This year, go for dark denim since it’s highly popular right now.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\f5b5fb6df4f064589e15e7653e26af9a.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\93b252aa141759ad5b06c9e4eba35b61--leopard-heels-outfit-heels-outfits.jpg

Something Furry

Fur is fun, right? However, we don’t mean actual fur. Always get faux fur items! They are totally cute and do an amazing job of keeping you warm. Maybe get your hands on a faux fur jacket.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\peexo fashion blogger wearing fluffy pink gilet.JPG C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\wang-faux-fur-coat-leather-leggings-white-snekakers-1.jpg

Something Floral

Floral doesn’t seem to ever get old! Floral dresses, jackets, tops; basically, grab everything you can in this print! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\cupcakes-and-cashmere-floral-dress-for-fall.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\20-Amazing-Outfit-Ideas-by-Famous-Fashion-Blogger-Tamara-16.jpg

One Shoulder or Off the Shoulder

This trend has been going around for quite a while now and we love every bit of it! Since it’s not too cold during fall, it’s safe to wear some off the shoulder or one shoulder tops combined with vintage dresses skirts or pants.

C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\Fashion-Jackson-Nordstrom-Black-One-Shoulder-Ruffle-Top-Levis-Distressed-Jeans-Christian-Louobutin-White-Pumps-Gucci-Marmont-Black-Crossbody-2.jpg C:\Users\PC\Desktop\flash cosplay\fd36bc35692f64397e37b904dbc4b433--big-knits-cold-shoulder-sweater.jpg

And there you have it ladies; fall 2017 must-haves! Do you have all of these essentials in your wardrobe? If you are missing any, make sure to pick it up from the shopping mall next time. Have an amazing season!








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