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Trends change by the minute and every season there is a new set of trends that revolutionize the world of fashion. New trends almost always surprise us. Some are very extra, eccentric and over the top catering to the needs of those who are a little bold and daring with their fashion choices. On the other end of the spectrum, there are those trends that are more subdued, simple, and safe catering to those who like to stick to the classics and don’t really experiment much with their fashion preferences. Summer is over and done with and the toasty warm days of fall have dawned upon us.


The crisp air of the fall season brings a toasty feeling of warmth, whimsy, and romance. This year’s fall trends cater more to the likes of those who love to stick to the classics. Want to know about the fashion trends that will be hot this coming fall season? Let’s find out.

Animal Prints

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Animal prints are almost never given the kind of recognition they deserve. Unfortunately, almost always advertised as cheap, trashy alternatives to luxe royalty that is real animal fur, times have now changed because animal prints are officially one of this season’s trendiest picks. Be it leopard or zebra or tiger, animal prints dominated the runways this season. From Balenciaga to Calvin Klein to Tom Ford to Givenchy, it was raining animal prints. The best part about animal prints is their statement nature because just you can keep your entire outfit basic and only have this one piece do all the talking; one and done.

Cover it Up

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Layers were always a hot favorite over the years and this year is no different. Fall is chilly so why not cover up and look fashionable whilst being comfortable? High necklines, low hems and lots of layers; modest dressing is officially in. Be it Erdem or Balenciaga or Alexander McQueen or Stella McCartney, this season’s collections are all about keeping it covered and layered.

High Shine

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Glossy and high shine fabric reigned the runways by attracting literally everyone’s attention. Vinyl, latex, leather, plastic; you name it and you’ll find it. This edgy trend has been making waves ever since it was first introduced on the runways. It’s stark, it’s stunning, and it makes sure people notices it; that is the power of high shine glossy fabric. Chanel, Simone Richa, and Fendi were the top labels sporting this glamorous trend and we can’t get enough.


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Whenever one thinks tweed, they are immediately reminded of vintage designs and fabric. Who could have ever guessed tweed would ever be considered high fashion? If the big labels are doing it then so are we. Oversized tweed coats paired with leather skirts were one of the standout outfits this season on the runways owing to their vintage chic yet statement outlook. Warm and comfortable whilst also lux and high fashion; what more could one ask for? Tweed coats are a must have this season.


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An all-time classic, plaid has always been, is, and always will be in style. Be it in the form of a simple button down shirt, a dress, an oversized coat, or accessories; they will always be relatable. Versace, Calvin Klein, Erdem and many more; all of these featured statement pieces incorporating plaid and checks into their designs; some completely dedicated to the classic design whereas others using only the design in the simplest of details. One thing that remained consistent with them, however, was the element of uniqueness; a true winner.