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The year 2017 has proved that fashion and beauty have no ‘age.’ On the other hand, with age, your charm only increases as you learn to carry yourself with grace and poise. With the advent of microblogging, there are a number of moms and grannies who are serving as a style inspiration for girls all around the world. With the festive season around the corner, our bloggers and Instagrammers are on the fashion pulse for ‘over 50’ and posing a tough competition for ‘the young and the chic.’

The elders are going for colored leather rather than the typical ‘black.’ We’re looking at a lot of ‘mix and match’ with florals, animal prints, simple stripes and all kinds of furs and laces. A-Line dresses, skirts, and flared jeans; these graceful ladies know how to carry every look in style.

Animal Prints

Animal print onesies were considered the best option for girlies – or at least below the age of 30. However, prominent women over the age of 50 are embracing animal prints and simply rocking them.They are pairing their leopard shirts with plain pants or plain shirts with printed skirts. The best thing about paw prints and leopard spots is that you can wear them as formals, semi formals, and casuals alike.

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Colors and Prints

Prints are your best friend; consider florals, geometric designs, stripes and checkered prints or small Polka dots. You can pair your prints with plain tops or bottoms as you wish. This is the best time to experiment with different prints and contrasting colors. Wear what pleases you and enjoy partying and catching up with your friends.

Image result for 50 year old women in colors and prints Image result for 50 year old women in colors and prints

Go Sleek

Who says you can’t go sleek in your 50s? They are trendy and make you look hot at any age. In fact, there are a lot of options presented by top designers for women above 50. Go for long sleek monochromic dresses with a leather jacket to don a ‘sporty’ look. You can also wear a printed dress with your jacket or whatever work for identifying  your personality.

Image result for 50 year old women in sleek dressses Image result for 50 year old women in sleek dressses

Mix and Match with Furs

If you like wearing fur and you’re unsure how to pull it off, then you might consider wearing it with patterns. Consider wearing stripes with your fur coat. Wear anything that brightens up your mood (trust your gut!)

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Spice up the Vintage

Give ‘the vintage look’ a little modern touch for the festivities. Scarves are in style! Why not wrap one around your neck or your waist. A jumpsuit never goes wrong whatever the occasion.

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Fashion above the 50s has a lot of variety contrary to what you might think. Luxury fabrics such as cashmere, silk, and fur are good choices if you may. (A little bit of bling won’t hurt eh!)When you hit your 50s, people expect you to dress ‘in a serious way’… Whatever that means! Blah! Our ‘grown-up’ bloggers are showing the world that age doesn’t define their liberty to dress the way they want. Play and experiment with colors as you please and enjoy your vacations.