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Black and White Tie event fashion trends signify a class of their own. It’s all about modern day glamour combined with the utmost form of grace and sophistication. Formal event dresses of this kind give you all the more reasons to celebrate a world glamour second to none.Black Tie White Tie Dresses

  • Allow your wardrobe to signify your presence at Formal Black and White Tie Events

You’re almost always faced with never ending wedding season and that means deciding what to wear for the most formal affair can be daunting. Turn your formal event dress look a tad above the rest with our chic and stylish formal event dress tips.

  • What does black tie white tie attire comprise of?

In the simplest of terms, black tie events are formal gatherings with a dress code for the social event that begins after 6pm. Any formal event dress chosen must be occasion specific.

  • Do I gown or not?

For men, tuxedos are probably their best fit but what about women? Are gowns an absolute necessity as your formal event dress styles?

Well the answer is although floor length gowns are termed essential to rock that formal event dress code; exceptions can be made in some cases. You can opt for a cocktail dress instead but color choice is essential here. Opt for a richer color palette in terms of blacks, jewel hues, browns and metallics.

Stylish Formal Dresses

In case you’ve opted to take the traditional route and stick to floor length dresses, here your styles and colors can be experimented with. Since you’re working with a more inherently stylish yet basic silhouette with floor length gowns, you can opt to pick from a diverse range of lighter hues.

And that’s not all. Another wonderful black tie outfit ladies can work towards achieving is matching separates. We’re referring to sexy yet elegant silk blouses matched up with satin skirts in full length.

No matter what you choose to wear, just remember to pick attire that can hold up against a room flowing of men decked in tuxedos and women who have stayed true to gowns.



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