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Thinking what to do this Christmas and how to look good among folks and leave an impression?? Don’t worry here we have a roundup of hair styling trends which picked up in 2017.

Clothing holds the major chunk of setting the fashion trend of the time, but hair styling has its own place. Finding the perfect hairstyle changes your overall look from boring to a diva. Like stylish clothing, hair styling also evolves and every year some new trends pop-up. With 2017 about to end, take a look at the stylish hair trends which ruled the year and pick one to rock the holidays.

Latest Hairstyles in Trend:

Straight Hair:

Yes, girls, you heard it right, straight hair are back and are very much in style. Making their appearance in 2017, sleek straight hair are here to stay in the coming months with curls and waves taking the backseat. But while you go for heat styling or straightening irons, don’t forget to properly condition your hair, apply a protecting product on your tresses to avoid hair damage.


Mila Kunis looks smashing in this simple, sleek tresses look with the little-twisted detail.


Rita Ora paired her straight hair look with the bold rainbow hair trend and is totally slaying it.

Modern Bob:

The biggest hairstyling trend of 2017 is undoubtedly the Bob; with a twist of course. The twist which made the bob more beautiful is the shorter back and slightly longer sides almost touching your collarbone.

They look good with any hair texture, straight, beach waves or simply blow-dried bob. And, if you aren’t courageous enough to cut short your hair, go for long bob or lob (as it’s usually called).


Selena Gomez is growing in this perfect, shiny, sleek bob and neon eyes.



Beyonce nailed the wavy bob look.

Plaits, Twists, and Braids:

Plaits, twists, and braids had their fair share of the 2017 hair trends, from Emma Watson to Gigi Hadid boldly pulling them off. But this is one fading trend which won’t be much popular in 2018, and you will have to go easy on the pleats.


Gigi Hadid effortlessly pulled off the bold pleated high ponytail look.


Emma Watson looks ethereal in this beautifully braided hairdo which she sported at the premiere of “Beauty and the Beast.”


Low Ponytails and Center Parted Hairs:

Low ponytails made a comeback in 2017, especially on Vogue fashion shows, runways in New York, Milan, London and Paris. Though this trend didn’t pick up much in 2017, stylists predict they will soon be trending again. Sleek low ponytails, mostly with center-parted hairs, coupled with ribbons and bows, from our school days, are back. But it’s not easy to pull off this look as it can add years to your look and make you look dull, so carefully style yourself.


Chiara Ferragni goes for a center-parted low ponytail and accessorized it with black ribbon.


Priyanka Chopra paired her bold avatar with this simple hairdo & nailed the overall look.

With several hairstyle trends picking up in 2017 like straight hairs, center partings, Bobs, and ponytails, other hairstyles that we’ve been sporting for years like waves, curls, layer cut and braids are fading away. So while you are styling yourself for the Holiday season, don’t forget to go for the latest and stylish hairstyles, make some bold statements and shine…!!