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Learn the subtle art of styling your graceful attire

There is no denying the comfortable luxury that this long flowy dress style is, maxi dress is a choice of many for a number of reasons and for a number of occasions. Refreshingly pleasing and a sight for sore eyes especially with its variety of cuts and prints, maxi dress is a stylish wear for a number of reasons.

To style a simple maxi dress into a classy outfit choice could be an easy task with some of the essential examples to follow and create a look that fits you well.

Long Way Home Maxi Dress
Long Way Home Maxi Dress
  • Add a Top on Top of Your Maxi

It is a simple and subtle technique to style your maxi dress, to pair it with a jacket or an open front top. Some of the fabric options that go well include denim, corduroy, and chiffon. A mini jacket works well too, add to that folded sleeves and you’ve turned the maxi dress style into a chic street style. Bohemian styled or sequined jackets are also a vibrant choice for informal events.

  • Statement Jewelry

If you are not going overboard with the jewels with your maxi dress, it is a wide decision. Often, less is more when it comes to dolling up with a dress that speaks volumes for itself. A gemstone studded necklace covering the neckline, choker, pearl earrings, etc. can be an ideal choice individually.

  • Long Sleeves, Maxi Dresses Fail-Proof Option

While long sleeve dresses are a choice in its own, long sleeves with maxi dresses are a fail-proof option as this style never goes out of fashion with maxi dresses. While other sleeve options especially sleeveless look lovely with maxi dresses, especially in spring/summer, it is always to keep in mind the event you plan to attend and the style of your dress.

While there is no one way to style your maxi dress, a little creativity never hurts.


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For an epic trip to the beach, you need to dress in style too. A woven tie front maxi dress At ASOS – Image 3” is a summer staple with its open back design, plunging neckline and lightweight flowy satin fabric. The tie front option adds a wonderful relaxed fit feeling to a summer beauty.

Floral and chiffon have maxi dress written all over them. The layered summer staple is intricately partitioned using tiny insets made of crochet. For the ultimate fitted, the smoked back detailing does the job perfectly. The sleeveless number  Tiered Chiffon Maxi dress by Torrid – Image 2 with a v neck is sexy and comfortable at the same time.

Wrap style incorporated into a printed maxi dress by Dressily – Image 1 would give this stunning design all praise from fashion critics around the globe. The plunging neckline and high slit add a sexy dimension to a beautiful attire. If that wasn’t enough, the waistline is accentuated with a belt for a glorious fit. And, it’s also Inexpensive!

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