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It’s sassy, its trendy but it can easily be too much and instead of being a sight for sore eyes, it can cause them. The animal print trend has gained momentum over time and what once would have been a rarity is now a part of almost every wardrobe, at least one or two articles.

Some of the essential styling tips for wearing animal prints so as to enjoy the funky look it brings without overdoing it or giving the impression of wearing raw skin.

Animal Print Off the Shoulder Prom Dress
Animal Print Off the Shoulder Prom Dress
  • Add Some Denim

Denim jackets and skirts work well especially in very dark and solid colors. This creates a bold look along with metallic belts, watches and necklaces. Denim not only adds strength to the apparel but also diverts the attention from the animal print fabric to an extent where it looks like a part of it.

  • Pick a Solid Color

If you’ve picked out an animal print shirt, make it a point to ensure your trousers, tights or leggings are in one solid color and not printed. This is to accentuate the animal print and make it glow in all its glory in the clothing item. Also, if you have picked an animal print bottom, the jacket, overall, shirt or neck scarf need to be in one solid color. These colors could range from light to dark depending on the contrast you wish to make with your animal print.

  • Don’t Wear Animal Print Footwear with Same Print Dress

If you have a chance of a perfectly matching footwear to go with your animal print dress, make sure you are ditching one of them. While animal print looks gorgeous on footwear especially flats with broad straps that hold the print and color in view; it is not a good idea to mix it with similar printed dress.

Animal print could be simple and be worn every day, it is also effortless. The idea is to let it be that. It is also a good idea to try going minimalistic with jewelry item with animal prints, bold but not too much as that would create a certain air about the look that casts strong impressions.

Animal Print Dresses

What To Wear

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Bell sleeve blouses adorned in cheetah or leopard prints are stunning on their own. The bateau neckline and lustrous satin sheen gives this flowy leopard printed blouse by Nordstrom – Image 3 plenty of room for movement. Pair it up with some cute loafers and skinny jeans for a casual appearance or use a pair of black dress slacks and some stilettos for a more out and about happening look.

What could be hotter than a leopard spotted shift dress – Image 2 made from silk? The sharp pattern and flattering fit adds feminine finesse to everyday street fashion wear. The elbow length sleeves and low slung pockets add an element of ultra-hip vibes worth investing upon.

A touch of sophisticated edge is what this tapered leopard print faux suede jacket – Image 1 is all about. The open front style with cascading lapels gives a beautiful drape down effect second to none. You can add a funky belt or pair it up with a nice choker for color and an added sense of sleekness.


Animal Print Dresses
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