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Glittering, sparkling and clinging on the high ranks of being the most sought after dress choices among women for evening wear, cocktail dresses have a position of their own.

Cocktail dresses are not just an easy option when it comes to a gathering you need to go on a short notice and haven’t invested ample time in attire planning; but is also one of the elegant choices every season.

From smoldering cuts to sheer fabric, cocktail dresses have an allure to them. However, it is essential to know that some of the styling mistakes can ruin the look of even a very expensive wear.

Here’ our list of don’ts for a no-fail look in cocktail dresses.

  • Too Much Reveals Spoil The Look

If you are attending a formal event, a very high hem or a very low cut neckline would be too revealing. And too it is a trendy look to appear flirtatiously casual and sensual, remember that with cocktail dresses, little is more. Overdoing deep cuts and revealing too much skin isn’t necessary at all.

  • Do not Carry Shoulder Bags with Cocktail Dresses

 Beaded Halter Cocktail DressPeople in a habit of creating larger than life bags o close to them, find it very difficult to abstain from doing that even to parties or formal events. With cocktail dresses, it is a big no to carry shoulder bags at all. Even if it is a chain sling, ensure the size of the bag isn’t too large for the event. A clutch or small hand purse would do the trick here.

  • Stay Subtle with Accessories

Whether it is a new diamond necklace you wish to show off to your lady friends, or a set of expensive dangly earrings, never go over the top with accessories. It is not befitting with cocktail attire to be worn with too loud jewelry and accessories and it only appears tacky.

Remember to carry your coveted piece with elegance to make it a one in a million choice by avoiding the common mistakes.

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