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Not sure about the ‘How to part’ of it? Worry no more.

For many ladies, the first time they try out a strapless dress is often an important occasion of their lives. And though the alluring dresses doesn’t need a lot of effort, there are some of the essential tips and tricks for it to not only look good but make you stand out in the crowd.

Check out some no-fail tips to pull off strapless dress like a pro.

  • Ensure your Face and Neck (plus Shoulders) are in One Tone

Nothing speaks of dress failure as loud as wearing a strapless dress without focusing on neck and shoulders. Once you intend to go bare on that part, you need to ensure your neck and shoulders are as smooth as your face and arms receive the care and tan.

  • Do Not Miss Out on Support

     Strapless Floral Sweetheart Cocktail Dress
    Strapless Floral Sweetheart Cocktail Dress

Unless you’ve worn strapless dresses a number of times and you’re dead sure you don’t need a support underneath, do not hesitate from getting one. Since a regular bra is out of choice you can invest a good

strapless one for your strapless dresses. If that doesn’t work for you, a transparent strap option is available for bras too. Ensure you do not have a spill out moment.

  • Pair it with High Heels

There’s something about high heels that make them look flattering in almost all seasons and times. Of course, they need to be comfortable first and foremost and must go well with the shade and style of your dress. Pairing strapless dress with high heels require minimalistic approach when it comes to accessories, most of the times.

There’s something to watch out for, strapless dresses come in various styles and cuts and it is imperative to know which one suits your body type. Peat shaped figures look stunning in A-line, or mini bandage style. Apple shapes look great in short lengths, and the list goes on.


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Summer apparel done right is how to describe this black smocked jersey tube dress by Torrid – Image 2. Jersey fabric and elastic lining keeps that fitted look on point. The outfit’s flowy hem makes the dress sexy, allowing you to twirl in style though out the evening. Ladies, don’t forget that strapless bra to make sure everything stays in place.

A gorgeous Inexpensive strapless mini dress by Dresslily – Image 1 covered with tiny floral print is a wonderful option for a casual date or lunch with the girls. The elastic off the shoulder neckline is complete using flounce detailing. Show off that toned up waistline with the shirred effect. Pair it up with a choker necklace, strappy flats and straw hat for an outdoor street style appeal done right.

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