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So here’s the latest update from ‘The Affair,’ which has enjoyed an esteemed reputation in the last three years, and Jennifer Esposito is the main cast member to be credit for its popularity. However, she will not be starring anymore in 2018. Oh yes, I know it is a major setback for her fan base.

For those of you, who are unaware of her role, here are a few specifics. She performed a recurring role in the series, as Nina. Although she has discontinued her affiliation, for now, Esposito also mentioned that if this drama gets renewed for an additional season, she will get into the swing again.

Typically, shooting for The Affair happens throughout the New York, but for the fourth season, they have set up a shop in Los Angeles. Well, the concept is pretty orthodox, but we have yet to see what unravels in the final release. As of yet, the plot is about an extramarital relationship between a waitress and a struggling novelist. It is worth mentioning that Esposito does not know much about the storyline, but she will be watching it closely. This is very understandable for everyone, since she was a fan of The Affair, even before getting in the cast.

She did not hesitate to make it clear in an interview that initially, she was supposed to be onboard for just a scene. Because she did not care about anything else, but to be on the show even for five seconds. So when she was cast, it was like her dream came true. However, she was featured in multiple episodes, and she even assisted in elevating the stability of some characters in complex situations.

Well, it does not end here. Esposito won’t even be doing NCIS anymore. NCIS is the pride of CBS and has the honor of being the 8th longest-running scripted TV series in the States. Esposito starred as Alex Quinn, the Special Agent.

When she was asked about the decision, she simply said that it was not the right fit for her, even though she met a lot of nice people. She declined to do any guest post in the long-running series.

It is worth mentioning that Esposito is more than willing to join The Handmaid’s Tale, starring Elisabeth Moss. It seems as if she is impressed and attracted to the role of Moss that she just wants to join the show in a fun capacity.

Honestly, her words point towards single notion: She is eager to have some career changes. So even if producers of The Handmaid’s Tale do not agree to have her onboard, she would never stop chasing a new blend of career.

Esposito is quite fed up of her investigative and cop roles, which is the reason why she wants to think out of the box and go after something else. She said that the writing standard for females must get better and explore more than just one-dimensional characters.