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College is a terrific time period that leads you to a frantic experiential ride. If you are equipped with the essentials to use and where you will have no problem in progressing forward academically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Are you freaking out and overthinking your college preparations? Obviously, it’s time for you to step into a completely next level of your life where the circumstances will be delicate, life will be a roller coaster, friends will be demanding, the family will be expectant of you and you will be determined to learn, grow and make a career. Most of the young girls are confused and unaware of how to get ready for college. Let’s go through what need’s to be done for your upcoming college session.



The excitement to hit the college soars even more when you think about filling in your wardrobe with fresh outfits. Before you go shopping make a checklist of what you really need. Start your preps at least a month before so that you have plenty of time to exchange and rebuy if necessary, for you will be too busy packing around if you are going to be living in a dorm room. For the interviews prior admission and for the presentations during the college session you’ll need a couple of formal dressy outfits. Keep the dress code of your college in mind and then shop appropriate clothing for the regular days. College buildings can have you to walk around too much so make sure you find yourself a comfortable pair of shoes. Don’t forget the sportswear, rainwear, gym-wear, garments and a few scarves and hats for cold weather. As far as the themed parties and other events are concerned, you can always do the shopping beforehand on weekends.


College Supplies


There’s not much of a difference between school and college supplies. Based on what field you’ve taken and the subjects you’ve chosen you will definitely require relevant textbooks, tablet, folders, journal, lecture notebook, stationery and a planner. Variedly, your classes might requisite a calculator, binders, glue, pair of scissors, highlighters and a desk organizer. Similarly, decide on your own what sort of backpack would suit you throughout the most. Don’t forget to carry your admission letter on your first day.

Set up your dorm room


Ideally, it’s better to visit a dorm room of a known person residing in your college already. Otherwise, call the housing office and inquire about the room details; what’s the size, what’s there already and what can be bought in. Keeping all the deets in mind pack up the pillows, bed net, comforters and all. To kit out your room you’ll need a nice table lamp, small closet organizer, small rug, posters or wall art and a vase or two. In case you are planning your stay at home and there’s no need of housing inside the college, then to you’ll have to stock your study room with fresh supplies and scented candles for a comfortable aroma. Make sure you clean all the area, check for all the lightings and set it up prior your college starts.


What else?


Be vigilant in packing up stuff for your restroom and laundry usage. Being a girl you’ll need everything of your own from a nail kit and razor to a laundry basket and washing detergent. Although you will be sharing the bathroom and laundry facilities with your roommates you must have your own things with you. Take or have shared with others only when there’s a dire need. Prepare your bathroom kit with a makeup and hairdo accessories, a pair of slippers, toilet papers, bathing robe, towels, a box of tampons and pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, soap and shaving cream. Take care of your personal belongings. Other than that first-aid kit is a must, which should include bandages, aspirin and medicines for cold and an upset stomach.