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When it comes to body shape and size, we all have our own unique characteristics. And that’s what makes each one of us special. Being plus size means you can have just as much fun dressing up to work as anyone else out there.

Whether you’re an independent business women or a stay at home work mom, it’s so important to dress to impress. At some point in time, interacting with clients and attending conferences or product launches will be a norm. The type of business attire you wear can ultimately determine your success in the world of business.

To help you put back trendy into curvy, we’ve lined up some fabulous plus size business attires tips that are sure to make heads turn at the workplace.

Plus size dress attire

Where to Find Plus Size Business Attires?

Top it off with confidence

Being plus sized can be tricky when it comes to clothing, especially choosing the right top. The ideal goal here is to prevent any attention being drawn to your heavy bottom.

A great tip to follow is to limit cleavage show to a bare minimum. Avoid any kind of top that is too short in length. The perfect indication is whether your midriff shows when your arms are stretched.

Be aware of situations where your blouse gapes down the center. That’s the cue to change your top before leaving the house.

As tempting as they may be, stripes are a big NO when it comes to law office attire for women. They’ll just work to make your body size look bigger. You can however rock dark colors and bold horizontal patterns.

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A stylish skirt is always a good idea

A skirt is just the way to go when it comes to business attire. You can choose a plus size, plaid design A-line skirt as it will work to flatter your body type.

Dress this skirt up or down according to your style preference and occasion. A dark colored collared shirt can do wonders for a meeting or every day conference. On the contrary, a bright red turtle neck sweater with a statement necklace is a great idea for a business lunch or dinner

Plus Size black and white dress attire

Don’t forget to suit it up

A good suit can create a great impression for so many reasons. There’s just something commanding about a suit, not to mention its contribution to getting you the right kind of business deals.

Every woman should have at least one perfect suit for walk in interviews or other business occasions. With that being said, there’s nothing worse than a suit that is ill-fitting. It just adds that unflattering touch to your figure.

Get your suit tailored to perfection. Shades of black are always a good idea but you can experiment with other hues. A suit that fits from head to toe is what matters most at the end of the day.

Straight size knee-length dresses are a must at work

When it comes to creating the ultimate business oriented silhouette, a straight size knee length dress is a must for all plus sized women out there. You can check all online retail stores for your sizes as they’re probably your best place to buy.

A-line dresses are must haves as they portray a slimmed down effect. With that being said, straight size long gowns are also a great choice as they work to accentuate the waistline.

Plus size knee length business attire

Say hello to stylish blouses with large prints

Large prints on stylish blouses bring out the best in you. The larger the better is what they say as they tend to portray an energetic and vibrant appeal. The key here is to ensure that all the patterns are in uniform fashion.

This way, you’re highly likely to draw attention to your best assets while casting a shadow on those you’re hoping to hide. Don’t get too carried away with styles and trends. Fussy details like ruffles may actually draw you unwanted focus.

How about incorporating blouses with curved seams. It’s one of the greatest ways of providing you with that designated waistline at the workplace.

Monochrome isn’t your only saving grace

Black, black and more black! You may have heard everyone say that the only hue that a plus sized woman should wear is black. That’s actually a myth and we’re here to bust it.

Although black works to create that slimming down effect, it’s not the only saving grace for business attire. Monochrome can be used but not abused in the professional atmosphere.

The rule here is to play with a variety of fabrications such as an array of different textures and materials. Instead of using the same fabric from head to toe, add a pop of color with chiffon to accessorize your outfit.

Just make sure the color complements your complexion. Even a hue such as bright red can work to slim you down, provided the cut and shape flatter your body type. Another forgiving option is to use watercolor prints. These are flattering as one color melts into another.

monochrome plus size dress attire

The right pants add a touch of polished perfection

Just like suits, the crucial thing to remember for pants is the fit. In case your pants fit like leggings, it’s just too tight for the workplace. Your slacks should work to grace your curves and not reveal them.

A pair of black or beige trousers is a must for any business attire. Avoid slim fitted trousers at all costs as they reveal more than necessary.

The best way to go about the situation is pairing a flattering boot leg cut with any blouse. Don’t forget to press your pants to perfection as it can polish your look to a whole new level.

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Take your look to a whole new level with blazers

Blazers are a magical way of adding a level of finesse and uber chic to your work attire. They can be paired to create a formal or semi- formal look.’

In case you’re aiming for formal board room perfection, opt to pair your tailored blazer with a pair of superb fitting trousers. For a more semi-formal appeal, pair your blazer with the ultimate boot cut navy blue jeans.

You can experiment with a variety of hues when it comes to blazers and even patterns too. As previously mentioned it’s the fit and tailoring that counts.

Bottom Line

Plus sized business women’s fashion is all about wearing what you feel comfortable and confident in. Only then can you achieve to rock that business attire look. With these simple tips and tricks, we guarantee professional has never looked this good at work place.