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Becoming a mother is a universal oh-my-god cheery feeling ever. From the moment you realize you’re expecting a child, you instantly find yourself entering the motherhood and the responsibilities that come with it. However, at the same time, you still remain an employee/entrepreneur, a daughter, a sister and a wife.

What’s newest in the 21st century is that more and more mothers are returning back to work right after a week or so after the birth of their child. The problem that most of the mothers face revolves around a confusion. It is about how are they going to work, give time to family and at the same time take care of their baby. The answer is simple; by maintaining a harmony between all three relations. If they fail in keeping up a balance, then they’re up for another set physical, psychological and emotional disturbances.


What can a working mom do then to create a grey area for a healthy life? Nothing’s impossible so how about taking a day out and plan and prioritize your goals at home and work? Let’s work it out together:

How to bring together yourself?

Firstly, if you are going to be a mom soon or even if you are a new mom tell yourself that now is the start of a life-changing tenure and you must prepare yourself to attune to it.


Health comes first, always! The creation of grey area between work, family and your child requisites your fitness and strength. An unhealthy diet would not only risk the health of your baby but also your lifestyle pattern, which is playing a major part in rebuilding a balance between your family and work. So bring in greens and let go of junks.


You might already be afraid of developing depression, guilt and despair because of the inability to balance your motherhood with demanding career and family. healthy lifestyle like yoga, here and there visit to a mental health practitioner may help you with all your worries related to your family, child and work.


Last but not the least at all, you must take rest whenever you can. Eight hours of sleep for you are equally important. Do remember the benefits of good sleep and let technology comfort you. Here are some places where to buy the best mattress  that work will work best for your your body.


How to bring together the family?


Gather some courage and speak about ‘what you can and what you can’t’ with your partner and older kids (if any). Remember that family members are your natural support system. No one can help you deal with the daily stressors the way they would. Assign each other responsibilities at home so that you are given a chance to compensate accordingly.

How to work out things at work?


Proactivity can save you from all sorts of work tensions. Discussing your workload (because you would not want to stand healthy lifestyle), sitting hour pattern and paid/unpaid leave with your employer/boss during and post pregnancy is a great idea. Preferably bring it into your employer’s knowledge after the first trimester. You may want to consider working part time instead of full time to meet the demands of both the work and family.


Moderation is not a vice, living in an unhealthy lifestyle would be. Being a mother if you really want to harmonize everything in your life then try to sustain a healthy lifestyle and that’s possible only if you are mentally and physically fit. You are capable of doing anything you wish to do when it comes for the betterment of your child and family because you are a 21st-century woman and a mother. Cheers to all the mother out there!