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Thousands of hearts are recuperating because of the declaration that Prince Harry is legitimately off the market. Harry’s dad Prince Charles reported by means of Clarence House that his child is locked in to sweetheart Meghan Markle and the wedding will happen in spring 2018. Both started dating in October 2016, and since then they have been spending each and every moment together in weddings, humanitarian work and while traveling throughout the world.

While the internet is breaking with the official photos of this adorable couple’s engagement, let see what’s been developed so far. There might be still some exceptionally intriguing insights about Meghan that you may have missed.

Who set up Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Right after the announcement of their wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan had a sit-down interview sparked with many mysteries. People are wondering who set up the couple which was revealed in this interview. Both confessed that they got introduced by a mutual friend on a blind date. The matchmaker is a woman, and they said no more. According to reports Misha Nonoo, a fashion designer raised in London set up the couple on a blind date.

Wedding Date and Location

Royal wedding preparations have already been startedRoyal wedding preparations have already been started right after the couple announced their engagement. The venue of the wedding is Windsor Castle at St. George Chapel during May 2018. The Queen permitted to arrange a marriage in Chapel while the Royal Family is paying for the wedding. The wedding location says a lot about the couple and all aspects of the wedding will reflect who Harry and Meghan are as a couple. St. George Chapel in Windsor is a special place for both as they spent quite long time together after their first meeting.

The Couple’s take on Princess Diana

Prince Harry is quite sure that Princess Diana would have really adored Meghan. In an interview, he responded that his mother would be extremely excited and over the moon for him. He believes her mother and Meghan would have been best friends. He misses her especially during this especial time of his life when he wants to share this happy news with a motherly figure like her. Harry says mom is with us jumping up and down with enthusiasm.

Harry designed Meghan’s Engagement Ring


Meghan’s favorite color is yellow gold, so her engagement ring is made up of it. Harry announced that he helped in ring designing process. The main stone is from Botswana while the little diamonds around it belong to jewelry collection of Harry’s mother. He wants to make sure Princess Diana is with them on their journey of life. Meghan is quite excited about the ring and loved it. She thinks it is awesome that a part of Diana will be with them forever.

No more a Hollywood Actress

Meghan is previously a leading actress in a famous legal drama called Suit since 2011. She has played the fiercely intelligent and feisty Rachel Zane for seven seasons. Markle announced that she would not be continuing her career as a Hollywood actress as it is her time to work as a team with Harry.

We wish the Royal couple all the best in their future endeavors.