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The warmly lined woolen coat is finished with a gray, smooth woolen fabric. Its unique feature is its shimmering, quilted sleeves in green and purple. The coat is closed with a zipper running diagonally across the front that can be opened from both ends. Leaving it open at the top allows the coat to be worn with a symmetrical lapel. To close the coat completely there is a hidden press-stud and a clasp at the collar. A pleat on the left-hand side allows a belt to be threaded into the coat emerging again from the side seam and threading through a belt-loop on the right-hand side. There are also two side seam pockets and the belt is to be purchased separately and is not included with the coat. German Sizes (34=XS; 36=S; 38=M; 40=L; 42= XL) Zipper 80 cm Sleeve length: 63 cm


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