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So Jon Snow proves that he pretty much knows everything about picking up the perfect engagement ring for her redhead wilding girl from Game of Thrones. Let’s peek into the latest news regarding this stylish couple.

For the first time, Leslie, his co-star, was seen outside her house, since Harington embraced her finger with a stunning ring. This new accessory did not go unnoticed among the photographers and the fans. Well, you must be thinking as to whether this beautiful ring is crafted out of Valyrian steel or not, so let’s unfold the specifics.

The news might be surprising for some of you, but for those who have watched the second and third seasons of Game of Thrones, it was highly anticipated. They were dating for quite some time, but their appearance with this ‘Valyrian’ artifact has started a new chapter. It is worth mentioning that unlike a lot of other celebrities who try to hide their engagement rings, in the beginning, Leslie (a.k.aYgritte) carried the sparkling ring while arriving at the Heathrow Airport to catch her flight. Of course, she is a busy lady, and The Good Fight is in swing nowadays after her success in Game of Thrones.

It was not like she only wore the elegant ring to make it quite visible for everyone to notice. Obviously, if we know how to spice up the celeb-news, they know how to provide us with the scenes to make their story more appealing to the public. So yes, she paired the engagement ring with an array of other ordinary rings on both hands. However, the engagement ring was quite distinguishable with a cushion-cut diamond offset combined with a gold band. Hats off to Jon Snow!Rose Leslie Engagement Ring

Well, even for the people who watch news frequently, it was very easy to swallow because the couple opted for a traditional approach of disclosing their upcoming engagement. Guess what? The mode of communicating this news was The Times of London.

Just like most of the boys make a mistake while proposing, Harington did somewhat similar. He explicitly admitted that he mismanaged his proposal in the first place and asked Leslie to marry earlier than expected. He said that it was a mistake and the reason he gave was pretty understandable for everyone. Harington said that they were in the country and the beauty of the night sky together with the log fire melted him.

Well, he seems quite passionate about everything related to the ‘phenomenon’ of falling in love. According to him, he fell in love when the second season was being recorded in Iceland. Of course, Iceland would make you fall in love with the person standing next to you, especially if it’s Leslie. For this particular case, Harington says, the magical Northern Lights added more romance to the entire scenario.