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A shift dress with its simple straight line and comfortably short size is gaining popularity among youth, young adults, students and middle aged women alike. And it is not astonishing given the type of look it creates for an everyday wear.

V Shift Dress
V Neck Shift Dress

Shift dresses are often considered as long shirts for dress pants and jeans and happen to be an ideal choice in a number of events.

Here are the reasons why shift dresses have been immensely popular among students and young adults.

  • Works as Ethnic Wear

One of the popular choice among young adults lately in terms of shirts and short dress prints has been bohemian style prints, tapestry and ethnic styles. This fashion trends is easily incorporated in the shift dresses for their entire look is based on every day wear and chic wear.


  • Easy to wear

It is not only an item for parties but is part of one’s every day wear wardrobe. And that is exactly what makes it so special, the usability.  It is versatile and a staple for most wardrobes especially for students since there isn’t a lot of time daily to take time to think and rethink dresses and manage

Stripe Shift Dress
Stripe Shift Dress

them. The easy to wear shift dress is also readily available in various colors and can be paired with a number of outfit options that make it all the more popular among youth.

  • Easy to Travel in

One of the benefits of wearing shift dress is the ease with which you can go about in the city, campus to campus, without any hassle of a dress at all. If anything, this dress style is low on maintenance and less time consuming when it comes to accessorizing it.

Manageable and classy, the shift dress is not a hot option for nothing. It is also a wonderful choice for a spring/ summer dress with its airy look and vibrant colors.

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Clean and chic styling isn’t given the credit it deserves by most individuals. This modern yet ultra-feminine Ruffle sleeves shift dress  – Image 3 is a true example of work to weekend clothing. The eye catching double ruffle sleeves effect is a fun and flirty number you can wear to work or date night too. The straight cut is an easy fit while the jersey knit shift dress gives you trend with a dash of timeless ease.

Expose those shoulders with grace in this work appropriate navy and white hued shift dress At Nordstrom- Image 2. The bright floral pattern with cold shoulder cut outs is just the design in time for the spring season. You can definitely say this is trend forward classic taken from the runway and safely mixed with feminine cuts and inspiring details.

Let your inner fashion drive fun wild with this sexy backless printed chiffon shift dress – Image 1. The cotton blend and straight cut is oh so comfortable. The scoop neckline and half sleeves are sure to flatter all the various types of body types especially for plus size women out there today.

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