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For a healthy mind, body and soul, sleeping well is crucially important and we can totally relate as to why. A healthy and regular sleeping pattern not only brings with it a plethora of benefits, it also allows individuals to relax and unwind after a long day of physical and mental exhaustion.

The secret to sleeping well may be many, but one thing that truly makes a difference is the nature of mattress upon which you choose to rest upon. When the environment you’re surrounded with is up to mark, only then can you expect to sleep with the utmost ease and comfort.

To help give you a clearer picture as to why strong emphasis is always placed upon sleeping well, we’re going all out and about on the benefits of a healthy sleeping pattern. We’re also making your life a little easier by listing some of the best places where to buy mattresses online. Let’s take a look.

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Why sleeping well is considered so important?

Having a good night’s sleep is as important as eating healthy and exercising. These three fundamentals make up the secret to success to living a long life that’s full of health and wellness every step of the way. Does sleeping well bring with it any additional benefits? Let’s find out now.

  • The more you sleep, the lesser the calories you’ll eat and the more balanced your body weight will be

Good sleeping patterns have been linked with weight loss. Studies reveal that those individuals who sleep at least 8 hours per day were generally less in weight than those who slept for lesser duration. Poor sleep patterns have also been strongly associated as a major risk factor for obesity.

Research shows that when individuals sleep less, their hormonal balance gets disturbed and their motivation to exercise and remain active also diminishes. Whether its children or adults, both age groups showed drastic increase in body fat and total body weight when suffering from disturbed or inadequate sleep patterns.

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When an individual is sleep deprived, their tendency to have a greater appetite when compared to their counterparts is usually higher. This means sleeping less will ultimately eat more and pack on those extra pounds.

Studies reveal that the theory behind this phenomenon has a lot to do with fluctuations in hormones that control appetite as well as bring about a decrease in your overall appetite regulation.

To summarize, levels of the hormone leptin that suppresses the appetite is decreased while the hormone ghrelin that stimulates your overall appetite in increased for those that sleep less. The end result, you end up eating more.

To help get your brain function on the right track, sleeping well is so important. Unfortunately many individuals take their sleep for granted and hence develop symptoms related to diminished mental activity with nowhere to turn to.

Various aspects of brain function that become negatively affected by reduced sleep include concentration and performance as well as cognition and productivity. When you sleep well, you’re not only able to think clearer and enhance your memory’s performance, but you’re also able to solve problems more effectively. This is true for both adults and children too.

  • Greater athletic performance is strongly associated with sleeping well

The ability to stay active and remain fresh and energetic throughout the day has a lot to do with your daily sleep cycle. Not only does sleeping well make you improve your speed and endurance, it takes a positive toll on your accuracy as well as reaction times and overall mental wellness.


When you sleep less, you automatically become liable to poor performance during exercise as well as being functionally limited during old age. Recent studies reveal that athletes who sleep for less than eight hours per day showed reduction in grip strength, slower speeds during walking as well as greater difficulty when taking part in physical activities.

  • Improved sleep patterns help in boosting your immune system

Evidence has revealed that embarking on a reduced sleeping pattern can impair your immune system’s function greatly. Those individuals who slept for less than seven hours in a day were three times more likely to catch a cold when compared to their counterparts who slept for at least 8 hours or greater.

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  • Lack of sleep makes you forgetful

Having a clear sense of thinking can only be achieved via a good night’s sleep and by that we mean 8 hours of sound sleep at least. To help consolidate your memory, sharp wave ripples are required by the brain and these can be produced only during deep sleep.

  • Not being able to fall asleep can turn into a case of depression

Faced with depressing episodes? Don’t know what’s causing such a turnout? Well if irregular sleep patterns are a norm, you’ve got the answer to your question right there and then. One of the leading sources of depression is lack of sleep or insomnia. When you sleep less, you aggravate the symptoms related to depression. So why not put a curb to the problem in the first place by altering your sleeping pattern and giving your mind the rest it needs.

  • Sleepless nights can speed up the body’s aging process

Lack of sleep enables your body to go about releasing a hormone referred to as cortisol. This hormone is known for its elevated levels during times of stress. And when cortisol levels gather up to an all time high, they in turn have a number of effects on the body’s natural protein called collagen. Collagen functions to keep your hair and skin looking and feeling its best and cortisol in turn acts to break it down, leading to greater fine lines, dark circles and unappealing skin.

Other than that, too little hours of sleep can cause a decrease in the body’s levels of the growth hormone. This is a very important hormone when it comes to increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones and increasing the skin’s thickness. Deep sleep allows your body to undergo the process of wear and tear with ease while lack of sleep does the damage of aging without you even knowing that the change is taking place.

  • Lack of sleep may cause accidents

When you sleep less, your brain isn’t under absolute conscience and that means you’re more likely or prone to making mistakes and on some occasions, causing accidents. From driving incidents to mishaps while at work, your brain isn’t able to fully concentrate and that may result in dire consequences. Sleep loss results in drowsiness, similar to an effect many feel after being under the influence of alcohol. So why not take precautionary measures as a means of protecting yourself from such circumstances in the first place.

  • Sleepless nights can totally dumb you out

When it comes to learning new things, problem solving and gaining critical thinking skills, sleep plays an important role. Lack of sleep may result in long term affects on the cognitive process such as being alert, focus, concentration as well as learning and reasoning too.