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Bridesmaid dresses are probably the second most important fashion affair when it comes to weddings. After all, you are part of the bride’s most nearest and dearest. Being given the honor of being called a bridesmaid means getting your attire straight and by that we mean fashion forward.

  •  How to nail the perfect bridesmaid dress with unique styles and designs this season?

Weddings are all about having a great time with good food and of course awe inspiring fashion trends being flaunted left and right. With all eyes on the bride and her friends, bridesmaid dresses have got to be nothing less than a vision for guests to take in.

  • What look should you carry for bridesmaid dresses this year?

Brides can choose two distinct looks for their nearest and dearest bridesmaids. Either they can go for a look that heads in a contemporary route or they can diversify the basics and include a more varied and dimensional look.

  • Let your imagination run wild, you’ll thank your creativity later

Staying true to traditional cookie cutter dresses can be monotonous. Avoid bridesmaid dresses in the purple hue family or those with a dusty rose color palette. We’ve all seen those being repeated numerous times at weddings.

Bridesmaids Dress Ideas

  • Keep your eyes open for patterns

Since it’s the season to diversify, why not begin by adding patterns to your mix and match bridesmaid dress collection from many different styles of dresses to chose from. How about a subtle floral design and then another pattern inspired by that design’s color scheme. The end result is surely magnificent with increased depth added to wedding pictures.


  • Seasons should affect your color scheme

Yes fall and winter weddings fashion are different from spring and summer ones. Choose jewel tones or a nude palette for winter and fall, add a touch of freshness and vibrancy to summer or spring blooming wedding fairytale beginnings.

  • Don’t forget to consider length

Any bridesmaid dress that rests above the knee level must be avoided under all circumstances. After all, weddings are a dignified and sophisticated affair; you don’t want to ruin that with poor selection of bridesmaid dresses.

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