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As we all know, Pinterest is one of the leading platforms in depicting the latest fashion trends. Therefore, the inspiration for this list comes from there, by observing what people are willing to wear this fall. Please note that this list of stylish trends is derived after refining the data of more than 200 million users.

A ‘Stranger Things’ Character

Well, Netflix has always managed to win the hearts of its customers when it comes to apparel choice, and that is exactly what this thriller series, Stranger Things, has dished out since 2016.

Now you could get a plaid shirt and classical glasses representing the trends of the 80s. The package for Halloween also contains a fake nosebleed. It’s indeed a suspense-filled costume.

Game of Thrones Character

Let it be an exquisite collection of dresses, extensive plot or marvelous acting, Game of Thrones leads the canvas of Western television. Whether you want to wear the costume of DaenerysTargaryen, Eddard Stark or the Night King, everyone would look back at you in the party!

Wonder Woman

Without any doubt, Gal Gadot is one of the most trending ladies on the Internet and is quite influential in setting the fashion sense and trends for young ladies. Wonder Woman was released in June, after a very decent hype, and has successfully managed to maintain its value and cultivate the sense for Halloween costumes this season.

Wander woman Halloween character


Yes, I know it is quite insane and unreal for you to digest, but who is there to dish out sanity in a fully charged Halloween party? Basically, this getup requires the sheer expertise of your makeup artist.


Dressing up as a unicorn? Seriously? Oh yes! Let the adrenaline flow when people watch a beautiful unicorn among them.

Who does not want to see a real unicorn? But even a costume would work for now.


There are a variety of mermaid getups capturing attention from all over the World, so even though the niche is not new, the trend is hiking, so we got to put it on our list.

Just get a fish scale dress and throw some glitter on your face.

Power Rangers

Everyone needs power, but when it combines with beauty, enemies get killed even before you press the trigger. So let the magic begin.

All you need to wear are green armbands together with leggings and a green leotard. Everything green! You could carry a gold staff as well, but that is optional.

Well, you are your boss, and you could act the way you want, but this character of Rita Repulsa requires utter insanity.

Pennywise from It

‘It’ has just released and is already ruling the boards with some top competitors. This is because of the ‘rough’ clown. All you need to wear is an orange wig with some amazing Halloween makeup Ideas and ruffly costume that justifies the appearance of a clown!

Do not forget to maintain a toothy and horrifying smile on your face and be ready to perform creepy ass jigs.