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The iconic Miranda Priestley from the The Devil Wears Prada spitefully quoted, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Well, little did she know because floral dresses indeed are truly groundbreaking and the world of fashion just cannot quit on them.

Florals dominated the runways of fashion week throughout the year of 2017 and by the looks of the response it has been receiving; we doubt that they are going anywhere any time soon.

Feminine, fun, vibrant, and exciting, dressing floral make for the perfect ensemble especially during the spring and summer. 2017 brought with it many trends but perhaps the best of them all was the revival of floral dresses.

The 2017 Floral Dress Trend Report

This year they came mainly in two opposite ends of the spectrum: soft pastels and vivid and vibrant bright hues. The fashion trends this year even played with pattern sizes with some focusing on oversized motifs and others maintaining a slightly more minimalistic approach with smaller patterns.

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Many created innovative new motifs combining the two to create a unique palette of its own. There is something that suits everyone’s palate!

Floral patterns can very easily be overdone. Back in the day, the trend may have lived on but in today’s world of fashion, it is all about mixing and matching and creating the right look. Pair your favorite floral dress top with a plain contrasting helm or a statement jacket.

Perhaps you could go the other way round and opt for a plain top dress and a vibrant printed bottom that mimics the look of a skirt. Let your inner designer shine through and have your big runway moment by creating your own unique look.

If you are wondering who specifically paid a tribute to the classic and everlasting floral look, here’s your runway catalogue.

Elie Saab

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Sheer floral pastel dresses paired with deep muted hued velvet overcoats were all that anyone could talk about.

Emilia Wickstead

Image result for Emilia Wickstead floral dress 2017

A combination of different textures and fabrics, Wickstead’s Miranda gown was all about minimalistic floral dresses and intricate colors.


Image result for Erdem floral dress 2017

Strikingly different patterns brought together in blissful matrimony to create magic; Erdem’s collection was stunner.


Image result for gucci floral dress 2017

Vibrant hues, sheer bodices, and strikingly gorgeous floral prints; Gucci can never go wrong with these dresses.

Marc Jacobs

Image result for Marc Jacobs velvet floral dress 2017

Short Rose dresses were the highlight of this year’s collection giving a modern twist to the classic floral dress ensemble.


Image result

Ethereal floral ball gowns left people stunned, mesmerized, and longing for a Prince Charming.


Image result for Prada floral dress 2017

All about bold color blocking and vivid prints, if there is anything that Prada absolutely nails, it’s floral.


Image result for Rodarte floral dress 2017

Gatsby inspired dresses in pastel hues and floral embellishments were all that anyone could talk about from this year’s collection.


Image result

Sheer, edgy, delicious, Versace steals the game every time. This time, it was all about net, florals, stark colors and risqué cuts.


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Going classic with eternal and statement retro  or vintage dress all floral look, Valentino played with prints and textures whilst maintaining the chic sophistication alive.

If you weren’t sure about floral dresses earlier, this post is bound to make you a believer. What’s you pick on favorite dress? We’d love to hear from you, let us know in the comments.