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Vintage dresses, what these old things? Actually, they’re new! Vintage dresses are more than just a trend; like streetwear, athleisure, or unicorn everything for that matter. In these times where mass production reigns supreme, vintage dresses bring an element of durability; a sense of perpetuity and the remnants and memories of the person who wore them before you.

Wear an old Memory in New Way

Nowadays, apparel comes with an expiration date: shoes don’t nearly last as long, fabric wears out, colors fade; it all seems somewhat disposable. Vintage apparel not only promises excellent fabric quality but also elegant silhouettes, classic cuts, and a look that stands out in a crowd.

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The modern contemporary look is nothing like the chic vintage ensemble. Today’s fashion is sprawled, layered, and unflattering in certain aspects. Vintage apparel is clean, simple, and crisp. Thank the heavens; people are finally beginning to learn the true value of vintage wear.

The question that remains however, is that how does one wear vintage? Well, we are here to help. Pull off vintage wear like an effortless dream with some of our best tips.

Body Say

Know your physique and shape to assess what will look best on you because not everything looks the same on everyone, especially when it comes to vintage wear. Vintage was all about the curves; flaunt them.

Do You, Boo

Staying true to your personal style is what defines vintage clothing. Yes, the colors, cuts, and prints all seem attractive but in the end you need to know what cuts, colors, prints, and even fabric will flatter your body the most.

The Perfect Fit

Vintage wear is all about finding the perfect fit. If you play with proportion, it can get really messy and overall unflattering so it is best to buy one only if you fit into it like it was custom made for you.


Vintage can also be trendy. Stay up to date with the latest in the world of vintage fashion to know what’s hot and what’s not and then swipe that credit card.

Basic Beginnings

Venturing into the world of vintage wear can be quite daunting so it is important to start small; perhaps a simple printed floral dress or a tee would be ideal.

Mix and Match

Playing with a mix of mod and retro is the ideal way to pull off vintage wear. Mix and match your vintage pieces with your regular contemporary wear and create your custom look.

Bold and Beautiful

If you have a big personality, let it show with your clothes and there’s no better way to do so than with vintage wear.

Spunky Additions

Accessories can make or break a look. Adding a simple contemporary element to a vintage outfit can transform your look in a heartbeat.

An item doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive to scream classy. Sometimes all that matters is its true worth and the story that comes with it.