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Every bride has dreamt of her Special Wedding Dress that isn’t full neck or full sleeved. But dressing for winter wedding might ruin or excel this idea, and you have to resort to a fully covered gown that is neither your favorite nor stylish. However, you can rock your winter wedding in a chic style gown without freezing to death with the help of cover-ups.

YES! We have got you covered with “Top 10 Trendy Bridal Cover-ups for Winter Weddings 2017”. They are both stylish and versatile and would add the perfect bling to any bridal ensemble. From embellished/jeweled cardigans, denim jackets, shrugs, to bolero or various furs- we have pulled together every latest high-fashion cover-up to make your winter wedding all warm and lovely.

Lacy Cover-Ups

From high-neck collar laced gowns, red/white-colored laced tops, floral styled designs to pearl beads entwined in laces, everything is latest and is available for you to choose from.

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Embellished Cover-Ups

If your bridal gown is rather classic, simple and neutral, you can add a perfect finishing touch with embellished cover-ups. A decorative silver threadwork with some jewels on cardigan/cape, or a crystal beaded wrap, pick the one that fits with your bridal ensemble.




Gold Sequined/ Beaded

Among embellished cover-ups,if you’re looking for jaw-dropping cover-ups, then capes/caplets brushed glittering golden needle and thread works and jewels are the most delicate and beautiful. Have a look at some of the fine straps:

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  1. Ethereal Sweaters

Ethereal sweaters can be your pick if your dress is totally strapless with bareback.They fit nicely, all delicate and sleek, giving off decent yet luxurious vibes.

Bridal Sweater Runway




  1. Feather shrugs / Faux Fur

For fashionistas, their winter wardrobe is imperfect without fur coats/ cardigans/boleros. This 2017, you can luxuriously show them off at your big day. From ostrich fur, rabbit skin, to a cheetah style fur, everything can add a perfect flare to your wedding gown.

Feather Shrug Bridal



  1. Jackets

From white leather biker jackets, denim jackets to graffiti ones with floral prints- everything is a BIG yes for a winter wedding cover-up.

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  1. Blazers/ Cardigans

For 2017-wedding cover-ups, the most seductive pick can be a boyfriend style white blazer over a femme fatale gown.

Tip: Colored blazers work wonders, especially blue and black ones.



15-Roksanda-Blazer Linen-Blazer

  1. Long Coats

If you consider coats a weird pick for a wedding dress cover-up, then you won’t think so after seeing the pictures below. “Trust Me!!!”

Long white coats with side cuts and big buttons, or your favorite colored coat lying in your wardrobe could be a bold and glamorous addition to your wedding photographs captured in spine-chilling outdoor.

Bridal White Coat


  1. Velvet Shawl

Black velvet floral shawls are one of the most adored 2017-wedding cover-ups among fashionistas.They lie around the arms with heavenly elegance and are perfect for those who despise being too sparkly or shinning.

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  1. Plaid Shirts

Whether it’s the matter of casual outings, semiformal dinners, office wardrobe or a wedding, you won’t miss seeing a retro or vintage plaid dress

Tip: To earn some extra sexy points for your bridal look, go for a red plaid shirt or a shawl over your royal wedding gown, and you have all the head turners.

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So, what’s your cover-up inspiration for a cozy and warm winter wedding? Because “Winter Is Here girls, and so is your BIG DAY.”