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Be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, roasted turkey is a classic tradition at every household. From hosting dinner parties to entertaining loved ones with a simple home cooked meal, every turkey roast is the star of the show. In case you’re tired of following the same old recipe every year, we’ve got some great news for you. Why not celebrate the holiday season by surprising family and friends with a unique twist on the classic turkey recipe? By following our top picks for unusual turkey roasts, we are sure to shake up the menu this Thanksgiving with a family favorite.

Southwestern spin on the traditional turkey dinner

The flavors of the Southwest are something we’re all quite familiar with. But how about incorporating those fabulous flavors into your turkey roast? We’re talking about some Mole roasted turkey, complete with some gorgeous masa stuffing. To tie it all well together, how about serving it with some chile gravy for that special touch.

Fruity spell on a classic turkey recipe

If you’re a lover for fruits, this unique turkey recipe is fit for you. The recipe calls for a twist on a traditional turkey roast by incorporating a stuffing made of fruit and nuts. This includes raisins, prunes, currants, apples, apricots, macadamia nuts, cranberries, cashews and walnuts. The richness of the stuffing flavor ties well with the juiciness of the turkey.

Flavorsome turkey twist worth a try

This turkey recipe is all about flavors galore. It calls for a butterflied turkey that is glazed with a beautiful combination of apples and cranberries. You’ll bound to get rave reviews with this fabulous combination.

Deep fried turkey goodness

We’ve all heard of roasted turkey, but how about some deep fry goodness. This recipe is all about frying your turkey the safe way without hints of oil splashes. To add another twist, wrap the turkey bird with some bacon. It may sound strange but is actually a great idea. By laying bacon strips over the turkey breast, the skin is prevented from cooking up too fast.

The addition of bacon also serves to baste the meat with a layer of extra fat. It also ensures the turkey breast is prevented from becoming too dry and adds a layer of crispy goodness on the outside. The flavor incorporated by deep frying the bird in fat is high on calories but yet so good. It’s a sure shot winner for family and friends to enjoy.

Bourbon molasses turkey

The flavors of bourbon and molasses make up the perfect earthly combination. This Thanksgiving, infuse your bird with an adult kick. But don’t worry too much about the alcohol content as most of it is bound to evaporate while cooking. You can also try out the same recipe using goose or duck meat too for variety. Guests will find it difficult to discover what this recipe actually contains as the earthly goodness ingredients are hard to identify.

Cook your heart out with this season’s heartwarming Turkey recipes. Surprise your family and friends with a unique twist on the traditional turkey dinner.