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If you are determined to kick start 2018 with the most awe-inspiring personal style, then you cannot do without sequins in 2018. It’ll be one of the most critical wardrobe items for you the next year. Just get rid of orthodox sequins; the long formal wraps and the midi dresses. Be innovative and add astounding variations to your sequin collection.

Let’s look at how some of the high profile and illustrious celebrities have included sequins to their wardrobe. From shirts, jackets, hats to shoulder wraps; you’ll find enough inspiration to wear sequin-like a fashion goddess in 2018.

Lindsay Lohan’s Sequin Shoulder Wrap

Lindsay Lohan is one of our favorite celebrities who has the potential to play with style like a pro. She glides over the fashion world and looks distinct in style effortlessly. We loved how she spiced up her black jumpsuit with a gold and black sequin wrap. What a little glamour!

AsymmetricSequin Alexandra Burke:

Asymmetric sequin cannot be worn and glamourized by everyone. It is one of those wardrobe combinations that require quite a lot of thought. But the fashion diva Alexandra made it look like a piece of cake when she wore this most extravagant outfit featuring sequins.

Emma Watson Golden Sequin Short Dress

Emma Watson is the stylish young lady who has left us all flabbergasted with her ease of style management. Whatever’s on trend, whatever’s new;every latest style accepts Emma with full grace. Emma’s gold sequin short dress flattered her marvelous beauty and stunning physique like made for each other.

Katty Perry Sequin:

Katty Perry graced the sequins with maximum glory during a major Fashion show in Paris. Katty allowed her dress define her style completely by keeping accessory to the minimum.

Selena Gomez Sequin Mini Skirt:

Selena has never shied away from trying anything new, bold or eccentric. She wore a simple nude skirt and amplified it by a mini sequin skirt. This simple style goes on to show that you don’t need to go over the board to win the title of fashion diva in 2018.

Maya Jama in Sequin Top with Jeans:

If you think sequin to be a party stuff, Maya is here to challenge your orthodox beliefs. She has managed to achieve superb bravura by trying a sequin full sleeve top with jeans and trainers. And,boy did she rock the look with her confidence and attitude!

Karlie Kloss Sequin Jacket and Leather Trousers:

Karlie has come up with a sequin combination that is for the most daring ladies only. She wore a dazzling sequin jacket and that too with “leather pants.”How rock is that and to wear it with grace as if it’s the street norm; Karlie sure did a fine job and earned a massive following for her style.

Sequins have emerged as one of the most unexpected trends for 2018. With our wonderful celebrities providing you enough hints to hack sequin-wearing, you must have sequins on your preference list. Are you ready to rock n roll with sequins in 2018?