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The importance of sleep cannot be accentuated enough. And that’s the reason why we are bringing to attention the benefits of good sleep and how important of a role comfortable mattresses play. Choose your pick from a selection of the best mattress brands whose products and services will make you fall in love at first sight. Affordable, comfortable, ever so durable, good for back pain and adjustable to your needs, there’s a mattress in here to satisfy each and every one of your requirements. With high performance guaranteed, investing in a good mattress is a long term investment that can go a long way when it comes to your physical and mental wellbeing.

how to find what mattress works for you

Best Mattress Brands
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If you happen to be curious about what brands are offering the best mattresses for your need, and whether or not investing in them is a good idea, we’ve got some great news for you. Here are the top picks for the best rated and most popular mattress brands and suppliers through which you can make a purchase that you won’t be regretting anytime soon.

  • Sleepez Mattresses

SleepEZ mattresses online
Eco Friendly Mattresses Made in USA

Founded in the year 1976, this brand is renowned as a pioneer when it comes to comfort and ease for all mattress types. With a warranty comprising of 20 years, there must be something this brand is doing right.

Sleepez offers buyers a seamless range of mattress options to choose from. This includes collections that comprise of the traditional natural latex mattresses, environmentally friendly organic options, latex matress toppers, adjustable beds and an inspiring array of wood foundations. Other popular variants include memory foam mattresses, innerspring matresses and dog beds too.

This matress brand return policy comprises of a 90 day exchange with complete and thorough certification obtained from the Rainforest Alliance. With due emphasis being placed upon protection and care of the environment, the brand plays an active role towards protecting the forest’s biodiversity via careful monitoring of its production process used to make mattreses on a large scale. Certification from the Eco- Institut signals to consumers that no volatile organic compounds or atmospheric pollutants are being used. All materials used to produce the matreses are organic in nature, making them free of pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, etc.

  • My Green Mattress

my green mattress
My green mattress

If you happen to be on the lookout for a healthy and organic way of sleeping, nothing beats the mattresses on offer at mygreenmattress.com. This brand has been providing the masses with the best products how to sleep better ways, exactly in line with their go green theme. Using the most natural and organic raw materials available, each green mattress has been handcrafted to supreme perfection and is certified as being GREENGUARD Gold.

My Green Mattress offers 3 main collections for their superb mat’tress range;

  • Pure Echo Pocketed Coil Mattress- This type is a treat to witness personally. The mattres comes complete with stellar organic cotton batting as well as all natural wool. The organic cotton quilt cover is sheer glory with a softened touch that’s feathery light in weight.
  • Natural Escape Hybrid Mattress- Comprising of all the basic features of the Pure Echo, alongside 3 inches of all organic Dunlop latex for added comfort and absolute ease. This blend is a sure shot winner in all mattress books.
  • Latex Simple Sleep Mattres- Available in either a 7 inch or a 9 inch version, say goodbye to sleepless nights with this mat’tress. The added layer of latex takes the mattress to a whole new level worth experimenting for you.

And that’s not all. This mattress store provides clients with latex mattress toppers that are purely organic while crib mattresses made of all natural substances and an 8 inch mattress for bunk beds is also included.

  • Lifekind Mattresses

Lifekind mattress store
Lifekind Mattress Store

If shopping for organic sheets or looking where to buy the best natural mattresses or  organic beddings, Life kind is a brand that has been serving the masses since the year 1997. This brand stays true to its constant efforts and drive towards a healthier and safer community.

The brand’s name itself was derived to give the public a message regarding the necessary need to be kind to all forms of life. Every individual holds the title and responsibility to take care of its environment, community and surroundings, only then can the world as a whole progress towards a bigger and brighter future of tomorrow.

With great emphasis being placed on its organic bedding products that include quilts, mattresses, beddings and other household products, it comes as no surprise that these individuals are here to make a difference.

The Life kind brand takes immense pride in sourcing its organic raw materials, used to make the bedding products, from American farmers that specialize in their methods of cultivation and agriculture. With zero importance given to synthetic materials, buyers need not have to worry about the use of non renewable sources. That means no non biodegradable substances that emit chemicals, dyes and harmful fumes are utilized.

Every mattress has been custom designed to absolute seamless perfection, keeping the user at the other end in mind. Not only are the products extremely kind to the environment, they are a source of comfort for the buyer. After a long, tedious and exhausting day, Life kind’s mattreses ensure that the client is in the best of hands with an extensive line of the most comfortable mattresses available today. Each style serves as a treat for your body and soul, while working to refresh and rejuvenate your nights with luxurious purity and ease that you and your body deserve.

Being certified for its standard of cleanliness, comfort and purity, Life kind mattresses are an industry leader for all bathroom and bedroom products galore. With a motto comprising of organic excellence, emphasis on constant improvement and stellar manufacturing processes, you can trust Life kind to make a difference to your sleep.

  • Voila Mattress

Buy Voila Mattresses
Voila Mattress

With outstanding consumer reviews that grants users complete satisfaction and comfort during their sleep; Voila is a mattress brand that has been reigning supreme for a number of years from now. The brand’s main focus and due emphasis has been placed upon comfort because they feel that this is the main distinct feature that differentiates it from all others.

There are so many things regarding the brand Voila that make it such a hot and happening one stop online shop for mattresses. This includes their motto towards providing users restful sleep with numerous clinical testing and trials being done to declare the brand as fully certified for enhanced periods of resting, as well as the most cost effective brand when it comes to bedding products.

  • Nuvanna Bedding

Shop Nuvanna Mattresses online
Shop Nuvanna Mattress Online

From the finest beds and pillows to the best mattresses and luxurious bedding products, it’s no mistake that Nuvanna is a brand that has gotten rave reviews for all the right reasons.

The mattresses at Nuvanna are usually medium feel in nature that also provides intense support without the disadvantage of being too firm. The innovative sleep technology used at Nuvanna allows the user to relieve any points of pressure that may be causing them harm.

The mattress is safe, breathable and also allows the user to stay comfortable as well as cool so that their night of resting is a joyful and pleasant one. The mattresses at Nuvanna are available in a number of distinct sizes that cater to users of all spectrums. And that’s not all; you can expect great bargain deals with discount offers from this brand on a timely basis. As the mattress  store states, it’s high time to awaken the Nu in you.

  • Dream Foam Bedding

Shop Dream Foam Bedding
Shop Dream Foam Bedding

Ever wondered what it’s like to be lost in a world of your own? A world of fantasy, dreams an utmost pleasure is what we are exactly referring to.

At Dream Foam Bedding, the brand welcomes users to come and experience a journey of peace, comfort and tranquility for once in their lifetime. The beddings offered at Dream Foam are surely second to none, giving the user a revolutionary method of buying mattresses online.

It’s all about customization at its best at Dream Foam Bedding and that’s what sets this brand apart from all others. Why would any individual want to buy a mattress online that’s built for any other person when you can get one that’s been custom designed according to your intricate requirements and specifications.

The art of making beds is what Dream Foam Bedding takes immense pride in and we can totally understand as to why. With competitive price points being the target of the masses, don’t expect this brand to fool you with lavish and high end price points. It’s truly an investment worth considering, especially when it comes to a healthy mind and body. You’ll find each mattress to be 1000’s of dollars less than other competitors in the market today. And that’s what we call quality shopping. And if all this wasn’t enough for consumers to make a purchase from their renowned mattress collection, the brand has a 5 star rating on Amazon and currently ranks as one of the  top selling mattresses today.

  • Sleep Ovation Mattresses

Sleep Ovation Online Store
Sleep Ovation Online Store

As can be seen from the title, Sleep Ovation’s main goal is to give consumers a good night’s sleep the right way. For those searching for the ultimate remedy regarding their discomforting resting and laying down experience, the mattresses at Sleep Ovation is truly something worth witnessing.

The technology used in their exclusive line of mattresses is surely worth raving about. This brand is the brainchild of a whole team of dedicated and hardworking engineers and scientists that specialize in their work. Their countless years of experience while developing comfortable mattresses for the masses that are being used today in the industry is truly something worth mentioning.

Technology such as their multiple rate pocket spring system has relieved so many individuals from back problems. This technology has also replaced so many countless options that were based upon old technology and gimmicks used to trap consumers into buying useless products.

Today, thanks to Sleep Ovation, their mission to grant individuals with a sound sleep experience using the most advanced developments in sleep technology is truly a revolution that’s worth giving a chance. So why settle for ordinary when you deserve so much more. It’s time to give Sleep Ovation’s 700 tiny mattresses a chance to change your life for the better, starting from now.

  • Novosbed

novosbed foam mattress store
Shop Novosbed

What makes Novosbed so diverse and distinct from all other online mattress selling experts is their bed in box concept, which is a one of a kind notion in all of North America.

The brand’s claim to fame is their constant shipping of tens of thousands of units that are designed using memory foam for all users in Canada and the United States of America. The brand sells each mattress for a value of 1000 US dollars in the US while 1200 Canadian Dollars in Canada, giving them enough margin for profit while covering costs in their entirety and serving the public with smiles on their faces.

Novosbed is a wonderful opportunity worth taking advantage of as this highly renowned North American brand is able to spread the word like fire. Seen by many individuals of the public as an industry benchmark for matreses, the innovative design and technology used, coupled with world class service and some of the lowest return sales ever, what more can a consumer ask for?

The extraordinary range for buying mattress online from this brand and options include their multiple firmness options, adjustable firmness guarantee service that’s coupled with comfort plus features. Novosbed has always been deemed compatible to several in store memory foam mattress options, with more competitive price points and a greater array of exciting and in demand features.

To help customers shop with the utmost convenience from the luxury of their homes, Novosbed has become a customer friendly option and one can totally understand as to why. Their decades of experience in defining a efficient purchase funnel and very useful guides has given them an edge over other mattres selling competitors in the online business today. It’s all about high quality, cost effective, high density and well built North American produced mattresses at Novosbed.

  • Amore Beds

Amore Beds Mattresses Online
Amore Beds Mattress Store

Amore Beds is another name that’s made it big in the online stores for mattresses industry today. The brand promises customers that they will fall in love with their sleep all over again when they experience the products offered by the brand.

Amore Beds online store has been a constant name for mattresses that include memory foam mattresses, latex, hybrid mattresses, luxury mattresses and now the ever so popular bed in a box technology for mattresses too.

When buying mattresses online, users can expect to find only the best hybrid foam and coil matreses that have been compressed inside a box and delivered right to your door. Free shipping is at an all time high with the brand promising clients a 100 night risk free trial that comes complete with free returns.

The main objective behind Amore Beds is to offer users the best mattress that has been composed of the finest raw materials, all at a bargain price. Did we mention the seamless, hassle free shopping experience too?

The current in demand all foam mattresses being shipped inside a box is making an explosion in the online mattress shopping scene and you can trust Amore Beds to be one of the front runner amongst them all.

Each hybrid mattress comes with pocketed coils that give users the support and ease they require for a good night’s sleeping experience. They are supportive, soft, and breathable. These qualities are rare to find today in other all foam styles. Their dual comfort split option, alongside therapeutic copper ion fabric ordeal is sure to set them apart as leaders of the pack. All Amore Beds’ mattresses are designed using innovative technology that works to meet the needs of the public. This includes children, adults as well as the elderly. It’s up to you to pick a choice that best fits your requirements and then go on enjoying the benefits from there. The premium design of the matreses available at Amore Beds is proof that luxury can and should never be designated by the price tag being placed.

  • Nolah Mattresses

Nolah Products

Nolah are a brand that is unfamiliar to none in the United States of America, serving the bedding industry for a number of years. The brand’s claim to fame is their unique and innovative ideas that are related to being the only 100% temperature neutral foam that is guaranteed to sleep cooler than any other Memory Foam Mattress available today.

The brand’s team of professionals is heavy duty names in the industry with examples that include Anna Hjoellund and Daniel Gaye as their sleep experts and serial entrepreneurs. Over a span of just 10 years, the Nolah brand has managed to sell over 1,000,000 units, giving them acknowledgement as the fastest growing bed in box delivery experts in all of the current market of today. And that’s not all; the brand is well renowned as being one of the leading experts when it comes to classic foam matreses, if not the best. This is what most satisfied customers have to say about the brand when being reviewed or asked to comment on their purchases made from the online store.

The online brand also takes immense pride in providing consumers with a four times better pressure relief system , cooling technology using memory foam and its more durable than latex technology. The end result if you may ask is a completely satisfying experience that’s rare to be found anywhere else but here.

Being 100% mattresses made in USA, Nolah have stayed determined to their promises regarding their strive to give buyers an epic sleeping experience for adventurous days that they’ve managed to live to their fullest.

Every Nolah mattress has managed to exclusively sell their online products at only 1/3 the original retail price and this has been done to allow online shoppers a whopping in savings that surmount to 3000 dollars and more when buying online mattresses. This has all been done in an effort to allow Nolah buyers to be pleased with the brand’s customer loyalty procedure as well as give buyers a shopping experience online that’s convenient and cost effective at the same time.

  • Luma Sleep

Lumah Sleep
Lumah Sleep

As previously mentioned with a few online mattress brands whose accredited claim to fame are bed in a box mattres delivery, Luma Sleep manages to captivate their target audience with something a little more unique and exciting to say the least.

Luma Sleep isn’t your traditional online mattress store from any angle. Instead, it is a brand that focuses upon customization at its best as well as upgradeable features for those looking to make a new transformation. The Luma Sleep brand focuses on providing customers with options that are a little more meaningful when it comes to their prior purchases made in the past. The brand brings for its customers a two layer Slumber System that gives buyers the opportunity to customize their comfort and ease of their bed by themselves.

Once Luma Sleep mattresses has entered their home, individuals can work to simply exchange their top layer to get a more comfortable feel with their purchase. That’s not all. The brand also offers free of cost exchange policy where within a whole one year’s time period.

It’s no wonder why the sales returns, demand and reviews of Luma Sleep are escalating at an all time high during most of the year. The brand also offers free delivery, and a completely free return policy where the consumer can be granted their entire money refunded. The brand states that it ensures that no customer walks out empty handed. They believe than an investment made in them is also an investment made for you. And that is clearly evident in their impeccable customer and after sales service.

Every Luma sleep mattress is made using the finest technology and raw materials. This includes the best Talalay latex and pocketed coils. You’ll also find at least three customizable models that are either composed of hybrid latex or pure 100% latex. Every style is luxury beyond bounds but is priced at a significantly lesser value than your classic retail shops and also performs significantly better when compared other competitor mattress brands online.

  • Idle Sleep

Idle Sleep Store
Idle Sleep Store

With a known accredited name to fame being its luxurious two sided mattresses, Idle Sleep has been ranked as a top retail brand for online customers. The product list for consumers to choose from include beds, beddings, foam matresses, Leesa, furniture mattress, beds, casper beddings and memory foam amongst many other classic and new options.

Unlike most other brands in the retail market today, Idle Sleep promises users with a mattress experience that’s a notch above the rest. Each type contains something a little unique and that include their high end range of 2 sided mattress technology. This matress is designed for long lasting longevity, durability and comfort. Using top end raw materials, intricate craftsmanship and the best manufacturing process in the United States of America, Idle Sleep mattress is set out to make a difference to the sleeping experience of all those involved in the purchase of their mattresses.

  • Onmolecule Mattress

Buy Onmolecule Mattresses Online

The Molecule mattress store is giving consumers a better investment than they’ve bargained for. The innovative line  comprises of technology that’s built with the purpose of making buyers’ sleeping experience one to remember.

Molecule has been designed to regulate core body temperature via the use of air engineered technology. This results in a more effective means of heat dissipation and ultimately a more effective quality of sleep. The brand’s main objective relies upon the finest experience of rest and recovery, something that is ideal for anyone that chooses to embark upon an unforgettable resting performance when compelled with a highly active lifestyle.

  • Dreamcloud Mattress

Shop at Dreamcloud Online
Shop at Dreamcloud Online

If there’s a brand out there that is renowned for its use of the finest in raw materials, Dreamcloud wins hands down. The plush comfort, luxury design and balanced support of its latex, spring and coil mattresses is one that will remain as unforgettable for years to come. Every customer leaves satisfied to the brim after making a purchase and we can totally relate as to why.

Dreamcloud takes immense pride in its certifications from various authentic sources, giving it the reliability and trust it deserves. The brand also offers 365 days of free trial depending on customer satisfaction. Now if that isn’t good customer service than we don’t know what it.


Now that we have shown you different types of mattresses, some of the best mattress brands and where to buy mattresses online, now it’s your time for action. Good luck!