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Winter is coming. Getting cozy around the fireplace with a mug of delicious hot cocoa sounds ideal but winter also brings with all around the dry skin and cracked skin on the joints and feet. Chapped lips can be a bother. Thus, caring for your skin becomes crucial.

Here a few ways to keep your skin nourished during the winters.

Avoid Hot Showers

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A hot water shower sounds like the perfect way to unwind after a long day from work but no matter how relaxing it sounds, hot water is not the ideal temperature for winters since it robs the skin of its moisture leaving it to be dry and irritated causing itchiness and rashes. Instead, have a quick lukewarm bath with a few drops of olive oil.


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Remove the dead cells of your body regularly with the help of a loofah while you take a shower. For the face, you can you use a cleanser or a facemask or use both for better results. While picking out the cleanser, be aware of your skin type. As for facemasks, there are a couple of combinations that you can try like applying Balai which is the topmost thin layer that gets formed over fresh milk. It acts as a natural moisturizer and offers a soothing experience removing any impurities from your skin. You can also try the honey and lemon mask for combination and oily skin.


For the skin to stay happy it is important to watch what you eat and the number of glasses of water you drink daily. Introducing fruits and vegetable with a higher water content is always a good idea. Watermelons, grapefruits, oranges, and cucumbers are perfect. Staying hydrated and having somewhere between six to eight glasses of water is a good.

Cover up properly to shield from cold air

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When heading out for a walk or a quick trip to the grocery store, do not forget to wrap a scarf or muffler around your neck to shield your face against the harsh winter air.

Pick The Right Moisturizer

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Choosing the right moisturizer for your skin is as important as using the product itself. The right product can make all the difference saving you from picking out a moisturizer that would have closed your pores and may have caused discomfort after use.

Don’t Forget, The Hands And Feet

Every night before heading to bed, make sure that you massage your hands and feet with a moisturizer well suited for your skin type. This will prevent your skin from getting dry and become itchy.

Care For Your Lips

Lip balm is a must during the winters! Do not leave the house without it. Always carry it with you in your pocket or handbag. Use it liberally and as many times during the day as you possibly can. Don’t worry about wasting it. This way you will be able to maintain healthy luscious lips making your smile even more beautiful than it already is.


Dry Hats, Socks And Gloves

Using the right winter clothing accessories to protect your head, face and hands is always a smart idea. Whether it’s spending a day outside or an hour playing in the snow you’re bound to end up with wet gloves and socks. Once you are back inside the house, it is recommended to change the socks and gloves immediately to avoid becoming prey to cold weather injuries. If you still feel cold after, you may wear a fresh dry pair of socks in the house. No harm in that.

This winter says no to dry skin. Make an extra effort and spare a few minutes every day to care for your skin. When you will experience a positive change in your skin, you’ll be glad you did!