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#Winters are the best time of the year. Festive holiday spirit in the air, warm crackling firewood, a cup of hot chocolate against the chilly breeze, and cozy clothes; there is nothing remotely bothersome about winter except one: winter skin.

Dry, dehydrated, and crackled, winter skin is perhaps the only downside to this festive season. How does one combat dry skin?

Let’s take a look at some of our best kept skincare secrets that will help your skin look its absolute best through the harsh climate.

Humidifier –Your Day Saver

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Whether it’s a space heater or central heating system –heating dries the air and ultimately dries up your skin leaving a wrecked, withered hide on your body. With adding a humidifier in your space, you add the moisture into air. Your skin will thank you for this.

Liberal SPF Use

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If you think SPF is just necessary during the summers then you are mistaken because the cold cannot protect you from the damaging effects of the sun. Be liberal with your SPF use because it is an essential that everyone must keep at hand.

Stay Moisturized

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What is the cure to dryness? Moisturizing. During the warm summers, our bodies secrete enough natural oils to keep our skin from drying out. At the most, a light moisturizer takes care of any dry patches. During the winters, however, our skin gets dry, flaky, and crusty due to the reduced secretion of natural body oils. To compensate for that reduction, moisturizing your skin using an intense moisturizer is necessary. Especially necessary after showers, keep the moisture locked into your skin by employing the best unguent for your skin type. Humidifiers are another great way to reduce dryness in your surroundings.

Avoid Hot Showers

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What is winter time if not for the hot showers and baths? While they may be extremely comforting, hot showers tend to dry out the skin especially in on your face and your hands. When dealing with both the afore-mentioned regions, try switching to something much gentler such as lukewarm or room temperature water.

Stay Hydrated

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Water is a must have for any skincare routine. During the winter time, keeping up with your water intake can get quite challenging as your body does not require as much water as it does in the warmer months. It is crucial to stay hydrated during the cold winter months by maintaining a minimum of six glasses of water intake. In addition to that, try detox water and herbal teas for added variety.

Exfoliate Regularly

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Routine exfoliation allows your body to get rid of dead skin cells and enables moisturizers to seep into the skin even better post removal. Dead skin tends to soak up all the moisture instead of healthy skin. Make your skin look radiant and healthy by gently exfoliating every few days.

Your Winter Vacation Pack of Must-Haves

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The question that many people often end up asking at the end of it all: What are some of the essential must-have items that a girl needs in her winter skincare arsenal?

Here are some essential you must have.

  • Facial Toner: To clean pores and balance skin pH levels.
  • Vitamin Drops: Specially go with the ones that have vitamin C, A & E for anti-ageing, hydrating, and rejuvenating benefits.
  • Soothing Cream: For deep moisturization.
  • Concealer: To cover up any imperfections.

Slay the game this winter season by putting these secrets to the test. Let us know what is your winter vacation skincare secret?