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Clothing accessories can make or break an outfit. With the right addition you can take your look from zero to hundred but if you opt for something out of order, you outfit transforms from banger to basic in a heartbeat. The winter time is a time of joy and merriment. With the chilly winds and the holiday spirit intoxicating the air with its charm, we cannot help but bring out our favorite winter clothing accessories.

From trendy hats and leather gloves to faux fur overcoats and knitted scarves, winter accessories are the ultimate way to transform just about any look. Following are some of the best winter clothing accessories that will keep you warm whilst also making sure you slay all day every day.

Knit Scarf

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Scarves are an excellent way to keep one warm whilst also adding a gorgeous element to your look. Drape them over your shoulder paired with your favorite dress or wrap them around your neck when wearing a coat; scarves are versatile. Available in a variety of hues, prints, and fabrics, a scarf is a must-have clothing accessory item for the chilly winters.

Knit Beanie


Image resultComfortable yet ridiculously cute, beanies are the best way to cover up hair because let’s face it, it’s cold and we all get too lazy to shower. The perfect addition to any look, beanies are hip and trendy. Wear it with a dress, jacket, and a pair of boots or perhaps jeans and hoodie. There really is no going wrong with hoodies.

Fingerless Gloves

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No more struggling to use your cell phone with your gloves on. Fingerless gloves are the future of gloves. They keep you warm and they also look really edgy and badass.

Leather Gloves

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Leather gloves were always associated with badass bosses in movies. Paired with a black leather jacket and heeled boots, leather gloves truly embrace fashion. Not only do these look phenomenal but they also keep your hands warm. Warm and stylish, there really is nothing bad about them. Now you can find a variety of leather gloves available in different colors and textures apart from the classic black. Metallic gloves are latest amongst them available in fun chromatic colors that leave everyone stunned.

Felted Hat

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Hats are a tricky thing to pull off. Whilst some can carry them as effortlessly as a woman who walked straight out of the pages of a 1920’s novel, others struggle with them and end up looking like a hot mess. Felted hats are chic and form-fitting so you don’t feel like you are wearing a skull cap. Available in a variety of muted pastels and earthy browns, these hats are regal and classy.

Woolen Collar

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A rather eccentric addition to any ensemble, a woolen collar can be thrown over a dress, a sweater, a plain shirt, or even a coat.

Find your favorite clothing accessory and add them to your winter arsenal and beat the cold with sophistication, sass and style.