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Women avail most opportunities and freedoms today that men enjoy. They are an essential workforce that drives societies in huge numbers to function as designers, doctors, teachers, lawyers and even truck drivers. However, the discrimination against females still exists in different structures, especially in the working environment. Ladies must know their rights as workers for ceasing rights infringement in work environment.

Workplace Rights in Pregnancy

If you are working parent-to-be or a working parent, you must be treated fairly by your company. Let’s discuss few pregnancy rights to start with.

Pregnancy is a medical condition

Women cannot be treated unjustly just because she is pregnant or in pregnancy-related condition. According to international laws, pregnancy ought to be treated as an impermanent medical disability. A pregnant lady is protected by local and state laws in case of pregnancy discrimination.

Pregnant Lady cannot be fired

You have read it right! An employer or company cannot fire, deny job or promotion to a lady if she is pregnant or going through pregnancy-related condition if she is performing the major responsibilities of her job.


Women can avail maternity leave before the delivery

Maternity leaves before deliver? It sounds a bit weird yet under Medical and Family Leave Act pregnant ladies are eligible to apply for unpaid maternity leaves even before the baby is delivered. That is because women may be unable to work physically due to their pregnancy. Ladies job is protected for 12 weeks before and after the birth.

Women enjoy same benefits as received by other workers

Women can avail the same level of medical benefits, temporary disability insurance, and leaves that are offered to other employees in a company.

Forced Long Leave is unlawful

The boss cannot send any pregnant lady to long leave by force as long as she can perform her tasks. If a lady is absent from work due to her pregnancy condition and recovers afterward, then the employer cannot compel her to go on long leave until the birth of delivery.

12 Weeks Maternity Leave

The job of women is protected for 12 weeks. Mothers may take 84 days of unpaid leave from the job to take care of the newborn, take care of sick family member, take care of the newly adopted kid or recover from a serious health condition.

Sexual Harassment

This term is described as requests and advances for sexual favors that are physical or verbal. The laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace on the basis of religion, origin, color, race, and sex. If you are sexually harassed then;

  • Inform your employer or boss so that he may propose a remedy towards it. This action is helpful both ways; it may solve your issue or provide evidence that employer fails to take action against it.
  • If your boss is unable to take satisfactory action, then you may file a complaint with Human Rights Tribunal. In case your workplace fall under provincial jurisdiction then the complaint is filed under Human Rights Tribunal.

Ladies if you have been treated unlawfully in the workplace then you must take action as soon as possible. Sometimes reminding your employer is enough but in some cases, some serious action must be taken.SaveSave