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Looking good is the call of the day, even when you’re busy sweating those extra pounds out. From yoga and weight training to treadmill runs and those energetic aerobic sessions, sweating in style has never been termed easier than now.

It’s the year to celebrate athletic fashion with numerous trends being sported in all directions. While the list of fashion favorites to look forward to is endless, workout tops manage to carry a special significance of their own.

Yoga Top
Yoga Top

In case you happen to be a little like us who are in search for some extra inspiration to get those fitness goals on track, you’ve come to the right place. While for many a toned body is enticing enough, for others a chic workout gear for women wardrobe with uprising fitness tops is just the right ante required to up that fitness routine.

This 2018, we’re giving you fashion inspiration like never before seen with workout tops for women that are sure to set you on fire. From digital prints and unique colors to stylish designs and impeccable fits, there’s a fitness top out there for everyone and every body type. Here you will find a list to some of the best stores and activewear brands for plus size women. This includes tank tops, fascinating shirts, hoodie inspired flairs and savvy sports bra too.

Fitness clothing for women, especially workout tops need to provide the wearer stability, support and a whole lot of comfort, not to mention that sporty outlook. To help you perfect that athleisure appeal, we’re giving you a complete guide to the season’s most happening workout tops that are sure to tickle your fancy.


  • The slouchy look is back with a bang

Whether it’s a light weight jog or a heavy duty sprint, get the slouchy look down to absolute perfection this season. We’re talking casual and comfortable, breezy attire in the form of simple tops in shades of gray. Pair them up with stunning black workout leggings and some vibrant red joggers, and why not with your favorite yoga mat too.

  • Neon hues on workout tops for women are witty, vibrant and oh so fabulous

Highlighter yellows and fuchsia pinks are giving us major fashion athleisure vibes to die for this season. They’re witty and fun, not to mention attractive too.
fitness Exercising equipment for women

Workout Exercising Equipment for Women

  • Give the black skinny look a try

Slim fit is the direction to opt for when talking about fitness tops and what better way of doing so than by opting to nail that black skinny look. We women are all aware that a little black hides those extra pounds so why not give the all black attire, comprising of fitted workout tops and sheer panel leggings, a try.

  • Cropped scuba with high neck workout tops for women are a stylish affair

High necks depict a classy sophistication of their own, and when paired in a cropped scuba workout top, its fitness done right.

  • Oversized logo shirts are casual, chic and on fashion fleek

Oversized and custom logo workout clothing are great for indoor or outdoor yoga or Pilates sessions. They’re uber comfortable and such a style statement with their bold printed logos. Wear them with some fitted leggings and you’ll be good to go.

  • Simplify your look with casual workout tank tops

    Dropped Armhole Yoga Sports Tank Top
    Dropped Armhole Yoga Sports Tank Top

Pale pinks, peaches and zesty yellows can turn your casual tank top into a seamless workout gear for days. Choose your favorite look and accessorize it with matching hats for women and leggings too.

  • Cropped white sweatshirts are major fitness fashion goals

White is the color of the summer, giving you fresh vibes to carry out your intense training with ease. Cropped white sweatshirts that are plain or complete with things written on them can be statement worn with contrasting leggings or sweat pants too.

  • For better weather days, give pullover hoodies a chance

Give your peers the chance to witness your style game going strong with pullover hoodies that are uber cozy and comfortable too. Sport the look on your way to the gym or post gym session too.

  • Sexy strappy crop top designs are heating things up

Who said you can’t look sexy while donning the fitness look to absolute perfection? Sexy strappy crop top workout gears is exactly the direction we’re heading towards in our search for the best workout tops for women . They’re great for beating the heat while staying in place while you perform your fitness routine.


Workout tops for women to look out for this season

Women’s Alo blinded Wide Strap Crop Tank

Worn seamlessly over any sports bra design, the blinded wide strap crop tank are what sports dreams are made of. The fitted style layers onto your body beautifully and can be worn both to the gym and for a casual hangout session with friends.

Women's Alo Binded Wide Strap Crop Tank
Women’s Alo Binded Wide Strap Crop Tank

Women’s New Balance Determination Bra Top

Give your body the chance to breathe through this bright lemony yellow bra top style. The breathable mesh is such a relief, especially in warm weather conditions.

Women's New Balance Determination Bra Top
Women’s New Balance Determination Bra Top

Women’s Nike Sportswear Beautiful x Powerful Crop Hoodie

Staying in tune with the oversized hoodie flair theme, this workout top is sheer comfort with its breathable composition. The top exudes a confident yet fashionable look that’s good for a quick sprint or sports game.

Women's Nike Sportswear Beautiful X Powerful Crop Hoodie
Women’s Nike Sportswear Beautiful X Powerful Crop Hoodie

Train Crop Top

Cropped tops are savvy, sassy and super classy. The ribbed design with zipper closure and nylon material makes it a seamless choice when paired against matching hip hugging leggings.

Train Crop Top
Train Crop Top

Women’s Tory Sport Graphic Mesh Back Tank

Comfortable athletic tank tops are a wonderful way to work out in style while looking the part. The Tory graphic print with white reflective stripes is a funky fashion steal for night runs, while the light weight material makes it an ideal option to flaunt on the streets or at the gym.

Women's Tory Sport Graphic Mesh Back Tank
Women’s Tory Sport Graphic Mesh Back Tank

Women’s Spanx Workout to Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra

The mesh paneling in this sultry yet classic sports bra design is just the right amount of detailing required to turn heads for all the right reason. The slim fit design ensures you get the support and confidence you deserve while burning off those extra calories.

Women's Spanx Workout To Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra
Women’s Spanx Workout To Waves Mesh Panel Sports Bra

Sierra Tank Top

The camouflage inspired two tones and the stretchable design of this Sierra Tank Top is what gives it an edge over all others. The halter neck style is sexy and super fashionable if you ask us. The cross over straps are great for hardcore weight training sessions or some kick butt aerobics, choose your pick and sweat in style.

Sierra Tank Top
Sierra Tank Top


Tailored Track Top

Don’t we all love a good pair of sweat pants? Well if you happen to be one of those who just can’t get enough, these navy tailored track tops are just for you. Coming with matching pants and side sleeve detailing, allow your inner fitness warrior to shine on the streets or during intense sessions at the gym.

Tailored Track Top - Navy Blue
Tailored Track Top – Navy Blue

Zip Sports Bra

Sports bras are such a necessity for fitness enthusiasts and this zip sports bra is no exception. The black with grey detailing design is a classic for those that wish to appear trendy while not going overboard. The zipper detailing adds a special touch to a form of athleisure that’s breathtakingly beautiful.

Zip Sports Bra
Zip Sports Bra